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 Akanomi(Working Title)

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Just read this shit. I'll explain the details later.

Chapter 1
The air was wet and cold. It seemed to harden the mud and dirt on the men’s faces as they quickly hurried out onto the battlefield. War is a bleak thing, so drenched in hatred and misunderstanding, that the two conflicting nations had decided that negotiating would not work – they would have to slash at each other’s throats.
The men, one by one, picked up their guns and hid behind the trees. There was an awkward silence, muddled by the torrential rainfall, and then someone screamed in pain.
“Tamika!” A muscular man shouted as he ran toward the injured soldier.
“This is bad,” he puffed as he pulled out a small medical kit from his bag. Tamika had a dagger in his chest, and two in his right leg. He struggled to sit still so that the other soldier could bandage him.
“Roy! Tip!” the man called, “Get me some alcohol for disinfecting the wounds.
“Fox…no,” Tamika whispered, his voice hoarse, “I-It’s over…poi…poison…”
“What?” Fox chose not to believe his ears. He grabbed Tamika’s shoulders, “What’re you lying for? Tamika? Hey!”
Tip stood over Fox’s shoulder. “Fox…I think he’s gone,” he said, the tips of his short blond hair encrusted in mud.
Fox looked back at him with wide eyes. “He was my friend! Those Tharkis are gonna pay for-“
“Try not to let anger take over you, Fox,” Roy began calmly. He knew that if he angered Fox even more, Roy would be the second fatality on the battlefield.
Fox slumped, “I…I have to go,” he whispered to Roy and Tip, “If I fight now, then I’ll be slaking my thirst for revenge. I can’t fight anymore.”
“What?” Tip began, “Sir, you can’t…”
“It’s been decided,” Fox said firmly as he let go of his friend and stood up, “Give his wife and daughter my regards, as well as the military’s. He was a valuable ally…and a caring friend.”
Fox turned around and began to walk away. His eyes were full of tears, but they looked like raindrops, so he had nothing to hide. Even if it weren’t raining, he wouldn’t hide the fact that his best friend had left him.
One Month Later
“There, how’s that?” Tip said, lifting his blue pen off the paper. He lifted his blond hair off of his eyes and read the letter out loud to himself, “Let’s see…’Captain Tamika Furoki was shot on 3rd Hona, of the year 54390.0768 Yunka. Shortly after, his ally, Captain Fox Smith, was found dead. We are terribly sorry. Please accept this check for three hundred thousand Kosa as part of our apology. Once again, we are deeply sorry.’”
“Hmm, not bad,” Roy commented, stepping into Tip’s shack, “But wasn’t Captain Tamika killed with knives? And Fox killed himself, remember?”
Tip smiled, “Spare them the details, the less they know, the less pain they have to bear. I’m sending this off, anything you recall that I haven’t written yet?”
“I take it you’re not going to mention their bodies were burnt by the Tharkis?”
Tip nodded silently, “I heard the Captain and his daughter were very close. He once told me that she was a very pretty girl. She’s not going to get over this easily, let alone her mother. Sad, isn’t it?” and then he put the letter in the mailbox.
“Who’s the lucky man who gets to deliver that letter?” Roy asked.
Tip put his hands in his pockets and smiled. “Take a wild guess,” he replied.

“Akanomi, is that you?”
The lady hurried to the door and opened it slowly. A mailman stood at the doorstep, holding a rather large and heavy looking brown mailbag.
“This letter,” he began, “It’s for Mrs. Furoki.”
“Ah, that’s me. Is there anything I have to sign?”
The mailman looked at the ground, “No, that’s all. Thank you for your time.”
Claudia Furoki closed the door and looked at the letter. It had a military stamp on the front.
“Maybe Tamika’s been promoted!” she exclaimed, putting the letter on the table. She was going to wait for her daughter to return from school, and then they would open the letter together, just as they did when he’d been promoted to captain.
Meanwhile, outside the Furoki residence, the mailman walked into an alley and got into a black car. He pulled his hat off, revealing jaw length blond hair and dark blue eyes that had seen war up close. He sighed and closed his eyes for a minute, and then he heard a quiet buzzing sound. Opening his eyes, he rummaged through his pocket and pulled out a phone.
“Hello?” He said.
“You get the job done, Tip?” A familiar voice on the other side asked.
“Oh, hey Roy, how’s it going?” Tip asked, “You promoted yet?”
“No, not yet, but look at you, you’re a colonel already. Just a month ago you were working under one as lieutenant.”
“Well, you know how Colonel Karnam died; they needed someone to replace him.”
“Well then, how’d the letter delivery go?” Roy continued, “Any signs of trouble?”
Tip looked down at his shoes, “Well, his wife thought that he had been promoted. I feel bad for them.”
“And his daughter, Akanomi?”
“She wasn’t there; still at school. But this is going to hurt her big time.”
“You still have another responsibility regarding her, don’t you?”
“Yeah, about that,” Tip began, yawning and stretching, “I’m thinking of quitting the military for that job.”
Roy was somewhat surprised, “You? Quit the military? You’re not the kind of person who goes and gives up on something that he’s been working at all his life, Tip.”
Tip smiled, as though he expected his friend to notice the expression, “Yeah, but late Commodore Tamika wanted me to do this for him, even if he didn’t get to see the result. It’s something worth leaving the military for, in my opinion.”
“You lucky dog; you nailed two birds with one stone.”
“Hey, I didn’t want Tamika to die, and I’m trying to be optimistic here. Also, I’m looking forward to doing as he asked of me.”
“Of course you are,” and with that, Roy hung up.

Akanomi Furoki modestly walked out of class and blended into the crowd of students rushing home. There had been no news of her father from the military for quite a while now. It was almost enough to make a soldier’s daughter worried. Almost. Right now, she couldn’t spend her time worrying about her father, no matter how much she cared, for her exams her well on their way. She planned to score one hundred percent on every exam, and then surprise her father. Not that it would be any particular surprise, as Akanomi was consistent in her studies, and was always at the top of the class.
Akanomi had shoulder length brown hair that was mostly straight, except for her bangs, which curled in towards her face. She had a small nose and pale skin, and was tall and slender, but not exactly a bag of bones. Her hazel eyes glowed with brilliance and seemingly gifted genius as she walked down the halls and out the building.
“Hey, Akanomi!” a voice called her from behind.
Akanomi whipped her head around to see Misanaké.
“You going home already?” her friend began as he caught up to her. Misanaké smiled brightly and his gray eyes shimmered from under his pale blond hair, which was dancing in the wind.
“Yes, I am, in fact,” Akanomi replied, “Why? Is there something you need, Misanaké?”
“Actually, it’s my dad’s birthday today, so I was wondering if you wanted to come with me to pick out a gift.”

Chapter 2

“How’s this?” Akanomi asked her friend.
They were in a clothing store, looking for a decent gift that wasn’t a tie.
Misanaké looked at the black hat in Akanomi’s hand, “It’s better than what I found,” he muttered.
“Better than that thing? Of course it is, after all, I found it,” Akanomi smiled.
Misanaké snorted, “Whatever. Thanks for the help.”
Akanomi left the shop without another word. She enjoyed helping others, and doing deeds that helped the weak and defenceless. It felt good, and it was what her father was doing, risking his life to protect the weak. He was the good guy who was protecting the weak; those who couldn’t protect themselves. He was fighting evil, and Akanomi wanted no more than to be like her father.
Tip started the car and drove down the street where Akanomi’s house stood, watching for Tamika’s daughter. He watched as Akanomi strolled home, smiling brightly and laughing while talking on her cell phone. She was so pure – hearted and kind; Tip hoped that his letter wouldn’t hurt her too much.
“Mom! I’m home!” Akanomi called, stepping into the house.
“How was your day, dear? A letter from the military arrived, and since I figured it must be a promotion, I decided to wait for you so that we could open the letter together,” her mother replied brightly.
Akanomi dropped her backpack near the entrance and ran into the dining room. She found the letter, tucked into a beige envelope and sealed shut with a red flower shaped seal.
“Here it is,” Akanomi said, walking back into the living room.
“I’ll open it.”
Mrs. Furoki slit the envelope open and pulled out the letter. Slowly, she unfolded it and began to read. Akanomi leaned towards her mother to read it as well.
Like the blade of a guillotine falling to behead a person, a look of horror dawned onto Claudia Furoki’s face. Slowly, she put the letter down and got up, walking to her room, almost as though she was hypnotized.
Akanomi, a much faster reader than her mother, couldn’t bring herself to believe it. She stormed up and began striding through the house, as though she was looking for something, but she wasn’t sure where it was. After taking a full trip around the house numerous times, breathing hard, she stepped out of the house, holding a pair of scissors. She ran into a nearby alley and started sobbing. Her father was dead; no, he was killed, evil people had killed him. They killed him because he was trying to protect the weak; he was working with other good people to help the weak, but...then didn’t those other good people help her father? Did they just leave him to die there?
In a fit of rage, Akanomi screamed and smashed her head against the grimy brick walls. She punched them and scratched at them with her fingernails. Taking her scissors, she snipped off bits of her brown hair without another thought. There was blood, but the girl felt no pain except for that which burned in her seven hearts.
After cutting her hair and making it look all uneven, she looked at the scissors in disgust and threw them at a passing cat. The cat yowled and ran, but the scissors didn’t miss; they stabbed the cat in the stomach, and the cat fell to the ground, bleeding miserably.
“Damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it!” Akanomi hissed, pulling at her shirt collar. She looked at her hands and knuckles and watched as blood oozed out of the cuts. Her fingers were bloody and her nails were broken and some completely gone. Yet she didn’t feel any pain. Her mind was occupied with more important things and feelings, things much more important than the feeling of physical pain.
After a few minutes of sobbing and swearing, Akanomi staggered back into her house and went to her room.
Her room was filled with things that her parents had bought her. Things that her father had bought her. In a blind rage, she picked up her bedside lamp and flung it at the mirror on her dressing table. The mirror shattered, and glass flew down and around the room.
“Take that, you damn Tharki jerks!” she howled, and then, realizing what she had just done, threw herself onto her bed, sobbing once again.
“They...they took my father...,” she whispered through sobs, “I can’t fight back...I-I don’t know what...what should I do? I can’t fight back, I-I...that would be...what can I do?”
Claudia Furoki sat in her room. Her eyes had gone dry from all the crying. Her husband was dead, as in, never coming back again. Dead. She had never expected it.

Chapter 3
“Ms. Furoki,” the teacher began, looking at the absent – minded student, who was in turn looking out the window at the gray sky.
“Ms. Furoki!” Mr. Jowwg raised his voice, and then threw a piece of chalk at Akanomi.
Akanomi awoke from her daydream and a quiet “ow” escaped her lips.
The teacher strode up to her desk, an angry look on his face.
“You used to be at the top of the class, Akanomi,” he began as Akanomi looked down at her stained uniform, “What happened? Your grades are going downhill.”
Akanomi didn’t reply. Instead, she continued frowning and bit her lip.
Mr. Jowwg sighed, “Very well. Please see me after class, Akanomi.”
The rest of the class, Akanomi paid only enough attention to keep her from getting yelled at again. It had been three months since she had learned of her father’s death, and every passing day increased the pain she felt, rather than decrease it. She would destroy her room in a rage, and then clean up, crying. This habit was slowly fading away, though; she realized that taking her anger out on people and inanimate objects was useless and stupid, and that her father would not be happy if he saw her. She couldn’t sleep at night, and stared out at the starry sky, reciting poems to the flowers in the garden in her backyard, which she had a perfect view of from her balcony. Thanks to this, she had deep black bags under her eyes.
Her friends were helpful, to say the least. They offered to walk her home, and there was a fifty – fifty chance of Akanomi accepting or refusing, depending on how she felt that afternoon. After they had learned of her father’s death, they called her house more often than ever.
“Hey Akanomi,” one of them would start, “Are you bored? ‘Cause I am so bored, I had this idea that all of us could go watch a movie, or maybe go to the mall.”
“That’s funny,” Akanomi would reply, “Because I’m not bored at all,” and with that, she would hang up. It was quite clear to her friends that she was still very upset.
One thing was clear to Akanomi: if her father died fighting evil, then so would she. She would make all those that wronged her and all those that threatened the peace pay for their deeds. It was the right thing to do.
And that’s how she ended up taking the switchblade her father had given her to school a few days after the exams were over. Just one person. Someone who deserved to die. Someone that, even if the police managed to catch him, he would still be executed. She had spent half the night on the internet searching up notorious criminals, and then decided on one.
“Jim Marken,” she had whispered the name to herself silently as she pulled her violet blankets atop herself, and then as she drifted into sleep. Her father would be so proud.
“Are you sure, Akanomi?” Kate, another of Akanomi’s friends, whined.
“I’m sure. I…have a lot of homework tonight,” Akanomi replied.
“Oh…okay then.”
After calling many strangers, Akanomi had found out where Jim Marken had lived. Not far from her own neighbourhood; about ten minutes if she took the bus there. As soon as she arrived, she looked up at the houses.
“He’s currently staying in the home of an Emily Parker. I don’t know the address, but he once told me that it’s the house with the old weather vane at the top. The only house in the area with one,” one of the people Akanomi had phoned had said.
When she spotted the house, Akanomi pulled on a pair of white gloves and modestly walked up to the door, reaching out and ringing the doorbell. After a few moments, a young lady with blonde hair that hung down to her waist opened the door. She wore a purple nightgown and blue earrings. Akanomi guessed this woman to be Emily Parker.
Emily’s blue eyes were fixed on Akanomi’s calm face. Who was this girl, and what did she want? Emily glanced up at the sky, noting that the sun had gone down. Then she turned to Akanomi once again.
“Yes?” Emily began. “Can I help you?”
“Actually, I was wondering if you had a map,” Akanomi shuffled her feet, “I seem to have gotten lost,” she continued in a very believable and poisonous tone.
She couldn’t just leave the girl out here, Emily thought. With some hesitation, she replied, “Come on in. I’ll get you a map.”
Akanomi stepped into the old house, welcomed by the smell of cocaine and tobacco. It was very strong, and her nostrils burned. The carpet was a dark brown colour, and had holes and burn marks all over. A cup of coffee sat at the dusty window ledge, and the curtains sat in the coffee, absorbing it. There was a lamp that lay on the floor near a black table, and a single light bulb hung from the ceiling, accompanied by a long wire that hung from the ceiling. It had a small, dirty switch on it, and Akanomi stepped out of its way as it swung carelessly. There was a frame hanging from the wall in a crooked position. It had a picture of a woman who looked somewhat similar to Emily. Akanomi guessed it to be Emily’s mother.
“That’s my mother,” Emily began, as though she had read Akanomi’s mind, “She died last year.”
“And your father?” Akanomi began.
Emily spun around and looked at her with a serious expression. Akanomi backed away.
“I-I’m sorry,” Akanomi stuttered, “I...shouldn’t have asked such a personal question.”
Emily continued walking, leading Akanomi up a musty old flight of stairs. “He left when I was three,” she began, “I can hardly remember his face.”
Akanomi didn’t reply. She listened and observed the house, noting all possible escape routes and areas where Jim could be.
“My mom must have gotten discouraged, trying to raise a kid on her own. My parents never had much money to begin with.”
...Or they just wasted it, Akanomi thought to herself. She cleared her throat and asked, “ you live here alone?”
Emily stopped going up. “I have a friend here,” she began cautiously. Why was she saying all this to someone she had never met before? She calmed down, convincing herself that Akanomi was just like any other curious teenager: interested, but not very dangerous or a liability.
“I see,” Akanomi replied subtly.
The second level of the house was even worse than the first. Cobwebs hung from the ceiling, and white pills were scattered all over the wooden floor, which creaked after each step the two took. There was a radiator that groaned and grumbled, as though it had been sick of living in such a pigsty.
Emily led Akanomi into her bedroom, where her sheets were left in a manner that showed that she had gotten up only recently – most likely when Akanomi had arrived. There were a few pairs of sandals here and there, and they all had holes in their soles, as though someone had melted the rubber sole intently. Akanomi also spotted a stuffed teddy bear missing its right leg, some black underwear hanging out of an old laundry hamper, and an unopened can of kidney beans.
Emily opened a closet, and Akanomi saw that there were no clothes on the hangers, but rather, on the floor. There was a black dress, a pink sweater, a pair of blue shoes and some hideous frilly pink underwear.
“Now let me see...,” Emily mumbled as she bent down and looked for a map, rummaging through many more clothing articles, “I know I have a map here somewhere...”
This was her chance. Emily deserved severe punishment, if not death. She had been caring for a criminal, and a very dangerous one at that. Akanomi pulled the switchblade out of her shirt and slowly, hesitantly drew closer to Emily. She felt beads of sweat forming on her forehead, and she almost dropped the knife. Then the thoughts rushed her again, thoughts about her father, and good and evil, and how Emily and Jim were evil. Evil people deserved to be punished, and punishment was death. Why was she doing this again? Of course. Any idiot would be able to make the connection; complete the circle. If her father was good, and good fights evil, then people like Emily and Jim were evil, and evil people deserve punishment, and the punishment was death. So Akanomi wasn’t going to do a bad thing; she was just going to punish evil, and since good people fight evil, that meant...
That meant that she was doing the right thing, killing them.
Of course. Was she going insane? That was exactly what she had been telling herself that night she looked for a criminal to kill. She wanted to kill someone that would be killed once caught anyway. She was doing society a favour.
Suddenly, Akanomi forced her hand down, and the knife hit Emily in the back. She heard Emily cry out in pain, and Akanomi felt that she had to use more force than she had expected. Emily shook in pain and attempted to grab Akanomi’s hand, failing to do so. Akanomi began to panic, and continuously stabbed Emily in the chest and both legs. She could feel tears welling up in her eyes, but she urged herself not to cry.
“Jim!” Emily shrieked as Akanomi continued to stab her, “For God’s sake, come here!”
“Shut up!” Akanomi growled, kicking her victim in the face, “Shut up, or I swear I’ll rip your eyes out.”
Emily’s breath quickened. She almost chuckled. “Go ahead. I dare you,” she whispered, and at that, Akanomi stopped.
She had been challenged. Evil was testing her to see how far Akanomi could go – to test her courage. She couldn’t let evil win. Without another thought, she threw her fingers at Emily’s beautiful blue eyes, piercing into them. Blood dripped out of the sockets and ran down Emily’s face. It felt disgusting and good, all at once.
Surprised by her own sudden movement, Akanomi quickly pulled back her hand, looking at the fluids on her gloved fingers in disgust. Emily kept screaming, so she picked up the teddy bear missing a leg and shoved it in Emily’s mouth.
Akanomi heard footsteps. Loud ones, and they were getting even louder. She hid inside the closet and left Emily.
Jim Marken rushed in, the first thing he saw being Emily, who was bleeding, eating a teddy bear and trying to look at him despite not having anything in her eye sockets.
“What the hell happened here?” he began, as though Emily could answer. He pulled the stuffed toy out of her mouth and repeated the question, “Emily, what happened here?”
Blood and saliva dripped out of her mouth, “Jim, thank God. There was this girl...”
“I know. I heard the doorbell. What did she want?”
“She wanted a map ‘cause she was lost, but this damn girl...she lied. I think she wants to kill us!”
Jim stepped into the dark closet and looked for his gun. “You think? After what she left you looking like? What does she look like?”
Akanomi readied herself to attack once more.
“S-She’s got brown hair and, like, hazel eyes. She’s wearing a school uniform,” Emily stuttered, “P-Please kill her, Jim!” Emily’s voice bubbled with blood.
“Yeah, just let me get my gun,” Jim replied, going deeper into the closet.
Akanomi forced the knife into his arm, which was right next to her. Jim yelled in pain and watched as she revealed herself.
“Jim?” Emily asked, whipping her head from side to side.
Akanomi impaled Jim in the neck and kicked him. He fell on Emily, pinning her helplessly to the ground.
“Damn it!” Jim growled, his voice cracking, his body unable to get up. His black hair fell over his face as he attempted to escape.
“Oh no, you don’t,” Akanomi called, calmly walking after him as he crawled sluggishly across the rug. She put a foot on his hand and pressed down hard.
“Jim Marken? The murderer? That’s you, right?” Akanomi began as Jim groaned, his pale face going even paler, “I’ll never regret this. After all, this is exactly what you deserve,” and then she stuck the knife straight where her teachers had taught her to be the area where the brain was. The groaning stopped instantly.
“Jim!” Emily continued shrieking, “What do you want? I swear I’ll give it to you!” she yelled, hoping Akanomi was listening.
“I want you to die,” Akanomi began sickeningly, pushing her brown hair away from her eyes, “Won’t you grant my wish?”

Chapter 4
Akanomi knocked on the door. “Mother?”
Claudia was crying again. She hadn’t gotten over Tamika’s death. Then again, Akanomi hadn’t, either.
Akanomi hesitated, and then went to her room. The deaths of Emily Parker and Jim Marken had went very well, and considering how rare it was that someone visit them, the police wasn’t going to learn of this for a while.
Akanomi sat on her bed and calmly turned on her laptop. It buzzed to life, and she opened a page with a list of criminals’ names written on it, accompanied by photographs of each. The next one under Jim was a woman named Mary Frey. She was a child murderer who drained the blood of children – mostly girls – and bathed in it, drank it, and stored it.
Some people were just so disgusting. Akanomi absolutely hated this woman and her ideas. What kind of a sick mind does that?
“Tomorrow is your last day alive, Mary,” Akanomi hissed, turning off the laptop and tucking it under her pillow. She closed her eyes and fell asleep, her mother’s sobs distant like crickets in the night.
“So hot...”
Misanaké groaned, dragging his feet across the burning tarmac. He turned to look at Akanomi. “Aren’t you hot?” he moaned.
“Well, it depends on what people think of me, now doesn’t it? What do you think?” Akanomi replied calmly, not turning to look at him.
Misanaké’s face showed frustration for half a second, and then his expression went blank, “I mean, don’t you find the atmosphere...muggy?”
It was quite clear that Akanomi did, as her forehead shone with sweat and she had an exhausted expression on her face. “Yeah,” she answered, “I hate it. I like winter.”
“Winter’s too cold!”
“It’s perfect.”
“No, it’s not.”
“You’re stupid, Misanaké.”
Misanaké smacked himself on the forehead, “I’m too tired to argue with you.”
“That’s too bad,” Akanomi replied. She turned and began to walk away.
“Hey, where’re you going?” Misanaké called.
Akanomi didn’t stop or turn to look at him. “I have a few errands to run,” she called, “I’ll see you later.”
“Man...When did you change?” Misanaké said to himself as he headed home.
Akanomi, now out of Misanaké’s sight, broke into a sprint. She had found one of Mary’s old friends and asked her about the murderer.
“S-She’s changed,” the woman, Wendy, had said, watching Akanomi pace around the old house, “I never thought that someone like...”
“Shut up, lady!” Akanomi spat, pulling her switchblade out of her pocket and pointing it at Wendy. “People change,” she continued, “It doesn’t matter what they once were, if they’re something else now. Cut the crap and tell me where she is.”
“I’m...sorry,” Wendy whispered, “She lives in the Konta region, in an old house so covered in moss that it looks like it was made of the stuff.”
“Sounds pretty unique,” and then Akanomi had beheaded her, making sure she was dead by kicking her corpse a few times. Hylens were just like little toys; breaking a few of them wasn’t so bad, and she was doing so for a good reason.
When Akanomi had reached the bus stop where the bus headed to Konta was going to come, she panted and checked her watch. Two – thirty in the afternoon. She couldn’t risk going home any later than seven in the evening; her mother may get suspicious despite her depression.
The train came hurriedly down the track, blowing Akanomi’s hair everywhere. She shielded her eyes with one hand and tightened her grip on her bag, grimacing as dust blew up at her face. Soon, the old, rusted train screeched to a halt, and the conductor blew the whistle.
Akanomi ran onto the train and waited patiently for her stop, looking out the window at the fleeting landscape with a smile. She was happy to be doing what her father once did – fighting evil – and she intended to keep fighting them until the last one fell. Her father would be proud of her, if he were still alive.
Her father’s death was nothing to forget, though. She couldn’t let herself indulge in the pleasures of life with her father sleeping underground, that wouldn’t be right. She had to keep herself away from such things as much as possible, only enjoying herself so much that she wouldn’t be suspected of doing away criminals. The police could never understand her actions; they were too caught up in making money.
“What did you say?!” he slammed his fists down on the desk.
The officer yelped as documents flew everywhere. He pushed his brown hair away from his pale forehead and began, “W – We found Markens. He was dead.”
Tip grumbled, toying with his colonel’s badge, “I’ve made it this far...I don’t intend to stop yet,” he whispered softly. He motioned to the officer to pick up the paper.
“And you say that he wasn’t just dead, but murdered?” Tip continued.
The officer looked up at the colonel, “Yeah, and by some real aggressive killer, too. It was terrible; cuts and stab wounds everywhere. The lady whose house he was hidin’ at, she had no eyes. The devil musta gouged ‘em out. We also found a bloody teddy bear next to her. Probably used to choke the girl, on account of there bein’ saliva on it. Gruesome.”
“I see,” Tip mumbled, seemingly not paying attention.
The officer put the stack of papers on the colonel’s desk. “Well, it’s the police’s work to find out who killed them. One thing’s for sure – he’s a dangerous and tough man, this killer.”
“I think you’ll soon replace that ‘he’ with a ‘she’, if things are going as I think they are, Jeff,” Tip whispered to himself quietly, looking at his badge and almost chuckling.
“You say something, sir?” Jeff asked.
“Hm?” Tip turned to him, “No, nothing. You can go back now.”
Jeff saluted and walked out of Tip’s office. The colonel’s lieutenant stood next to him, looking down at Tip. Her blue eyes watched him carefully as he spun a blue pen through his fingers, threw it in the air for her to dodge, and then smoothly caught it. It was all done effortlessly and silently, as though he were doing something as simple as walking from one corner of the room to another. Finally, she spoke.
“’Her’, sir?” she began, watching his head turn to look up at her as though he was surprised with her question.
He turned back. “Yes, ‘her’...,” his voice drifted off, “She’s a tough little girl. Dangerous too, if given the right conditions.”
“Yes, Lieutenant Chaos?”
She felt an itch on her neck, but didn’t dare scratch. “Are you talking about her again?”
Tip genuinely smiled. “Yes, I’m talking about Akanomi.”

Chapter 5
Akanomi hurried down the deserted street and towards the moss – covered house of Mary Frey. Mary Frey, child killer and Akanomi’s next target. She knocked on the door without hesitation.
Mary peered through the peephole, her sandy blonde hair all over her face. Her gray eyes lit up when she saw the young, beautiful girl standing outside. She had such wonderful brown hair and a beautifully pale face that seemed to reside in harmony with her sharp hazel eyes. Her blood would be wonderful, no doubt. Slowly, Mary opened the door, and immediately her eyes walked along the rest of Aknomi’s figure, which was perfect as well. Her shoulders weren’t hunched together, and she was skinny and healthy. Her legs were wonderful and long, Mary noticed as her eyes ran down to Akanomi’s red shoes, which had its white shoelaces tied perfectly.
“Hello there,” Mary began in a tone that was too nice for a disgusting woman like her.
Akanomi commanded her shoulders to shake. Eventually, she forced her whole body to break down and began crying.
“Storm...,” she sobbed, wiping her eyes and letting herself drool, “H-He’s gone and I’ll never see him again!”
“Storm?” Mary repeated, fixing her hair.
Akanomi looked at Mary, still crying crocodile tears, “My d-dog, Storm. I lost him yesterday night...I heard that he was in this neighbourhood, so I’ve been searching since dawn, but...,” the teenager took this opportunity to blow her nose into a tissue that she’d kept in her pocket, and then continued sobbing, “He’s not here! He’s gone!”
“Oh, poor dear,” Mary put a hand on one of Akanomi’s perfect shoulders and pulled her into the house, “Come inside and have something to eat, you look starved. We’ll both go look for your dog, okay? I’m sure he’s fine.”
Akanomi sniffed, “You promise?”
Mary smiled at her, “Yes, I promise. Now sit here while I get you something to eat. Would you like to take a shower? You look terrible.”
“I-If you don’t mind...,” Akanomi began, lifting her mood.
“Of course I don’t!” Mary exclaimed, guiding her to the washroom.
We’re both lying to each other, Akanomi thought silently, smiling confidently within herself.
The bathroom was completely white, from the square white tiles to the white soap and white toothbrush. It was a wonderful colour combination – red on white – thought Akanomi. She removed her shoes before entering, as one would expect of an ordinary schoolgirl wanting to clean up before continuing to look for her lost dog.
“Just wash up and take a shower, the towel’s right here,” Mary pointed to a hook on the wall where a clean white towel hung.
“Thank you, miss...”
“Fay,” Mary finished, creating an alias on the spot, “Molly Fay.”
Akanomi bit her lip. She had a friend named Molly. This lady didn’t deserve such a nice name.
“You can call me Ms. Fay or Molly; whatever works,” Mary finished with a smile. She waved and left Akanomi alone in the bathroom, closing the door behind her.
Akanomi immediately got to work. She casually began unbuttoning her shirt while rolling her eyeballs around the bathroom, searching for hidden cameras. Even if there were any, this woman wouldn’t be able to get to Akanomi fast enough to stop her from pulling out her knife and stabbing her. She walked slowly towards the white sink and turned on the tap. The cold water ran through her fingers and she smiled. She pulled off her red t – shirt and grabbed her knife as it flew out of it. She flicked the blade open and spun it expertly through her fingers. Removing her blue skirt and keeping her underwear on, she stepped into the shower and turned on the hot water and put her black gloves on, keeping her ears open for any sounds of Mary. This would be one of Mary’s best opportunities to kill Akanomi; she expected Mary to come through the door in a few minutes.
The water actually relaxed Akanomi within a few moments of her being in it. She kept her eyes and ears on the door while dreaming of utopia – her ultimate goal, a completely clean and uncorrupted world. The type of world her father died to create, and the world that she would create. Suddenly, Akanomi heard a slight creaking sound.
She acted as though she was taking a shower behind the translucent curtain, when in reality she was watching Mary, who was slowly walking towards the bathtub with a large knife in her right hand. Akanomi tightened her grip on her own blade as she waited for Mary to attack.
Suddenly, Mary pulled the shower curtain to one side and thrust her knife at Akanomi’s neck. Akanomi ducked immediately and kicked Mary in the stomach, sending her flying and then crashing into the wall.
“You wanted to kill me, didn’t you?!” Akanomi shrieked, following through with her innocent girl act, “My mom told me about people like you!”
Mary snarled. “Stupid girl! You don’t deserve it!” she yelled, running towards Akanomi again.
Akanomi easily dodged Mary’s knife, which was left stabbing at the air. Then she saw Mary’s leg flying towards her face.
“Shit!” Akanomi swore as she attempted to move aside. It smashed into the left side of her face, and then she fell to the floor.
“You don’t deserve to be so beautiful,” Mary finished, walking up to Akanomi, “You’re not...”
Akanomi rolled out of the way and jumped back up, panting. She stood there for a second, waiting for Mary to attack once more.
“So that’s why do kill children and women?” Akanomi began, circling Mary slowly, “You want their blood because you think it’ll help you stay young and beautiful.”
“You could never understand!” Mary thrust the knife at Akanomi’s chest. The teenager grabbed it with her black gloves before it hit her and smiled for half a second before she stabbed Mary in the stomach.
“I really couldn’t,” Akanomi hissed as Mary groaned in pain. The smell of blood grew stronger and stronger, and Akanomi felt a kind of happiness wash over her soaking figure. She touched the bruise on her left cheek, and slid her hand down to her bleeding lip.
“You’ll see,” Mary growled, her breath quickening, “They always catch up to you, just like you caught up to me. This is a dangerous game you’re playing, girl! Someone will come and...”
Akanomi beheaded her before she could finish. “I don’t listen to ugly wenches,” and then she pulled up her gloves, pulled on her skirt, buttoned up her shirt and walked out of the bathroom.
There was a large rectangular mirror in Mary’s room, and Akanomi looked at her face to see the bruise.
“Crap,” she murmured, seeing that her lip was cut badly and that the whole left side of her face was purple. Her gloves were cut and her hands were bleeding from intercepting Mary’s knife earlier. She couldn’t wash herself up in this house, so she quietly left through the front door, not paying much attention to whatever evidence she may have left behind. According to Wendy, nobody visited Mary’s house, and if anyone ever did, it was once in a blue moon that they did so.
Escaping the house, Akanomi ran down the street with her head low. She checked her watch again, and this time it read four – forty. She couldn’t take the train or bus home; that would attract too much attention, and a bruise that covers half your face isn’t exactly something that one can hide very easily. She would have to get home by foot, and her home was quite far, even by train.

Chapter 6
The sun hung low in the sky as Akanomi panted and dragged her feet through the yard. She had made it home, and just on time, too. The left side of her face burned with pain as she entered the house.
“I’m home!” she called, hoping her mother had heard, but wouldn’t come down to hug and kiss her. Deep down, Akanomi missed those hugs, but right now, she didn’t want her mother to see her condition.
Akanomi walked into the bathroom and removed her gloves, which were stained red. She managed to turn the water on with her injured hands, and then began washing the caked blood off of her fingers. The cold water felt good on her wounds as she finished washing her hands. Opening a cabinet, she pulled out a blue bottle of antiseptic and poured it over her fingers, wincing as it entered her cuts and caused sharp stinging sensations. The strong smell of the germ – killer filled the bathroom, making Akanomi want to vomit. It certainly wasn’t fragranced antiseptic.
“Damn it...,” Akanomi began as she put makeup on the left side of her face. The bruise was too big to cover up, but it looked a little better now. She would have to try and show her face as less often as possible.
After putting the makeup and antiseptic away, Akanomi ran down into the kitchen to get something to eat.
There was a fairly large kitchen in the Furoki household, with its black marble countertops and silver stools. There was a large silver refrigerator in one corner, and a sink in another. Bright lights were mounted to the ceiling, emitting a pleasant aura of white light, as well as a sense of friendliness for Akanomi.
She opened the fridge and peered in, debating silently about what she should eat. After a short while, she pulled out a jug of orange juice and a few sticks of celery. Swiftly, she swept a glass off the counter and filled it to the brim with juice. Then she took the celery, washed it and put it in a glossy, light green plate. Akanomi moved all of this onto the dining table and sat down, pulling out her cell phone after taking a refreshing sip of juice.
“Hey,” she began, watching her words, “Misanaké, you wanna go to the park tomorrow?”
Misanaké stopped himself from bringing up her father’s death. She was obviously trying to get over it.
“Uh, sure,” he replied, “Are you going to call the others?”
“I was thinking about that. As long as you don’t mind, I guess.”
“Of course I don’t mind!” Misanaké exclaimed, putting a hand through his hair.
“All right, then. Tomorrow at two in the afternoon. I’ll call the others.”
“All right, then. Later.”
“See ya,” and with that, Akanomi hung up, relieved to have set her next plan in motion.
After finishing off the celery and juice and washing the glass and plate, Akanomi went up the stairs and into her room. She opened the door to see her mother standing next to Akanomi’s bed, wearing a purple nightgown and a dead look on her face.
“Akanomi...,” she began slowly, stepping towards her daughter, “Where have you been?”
“I was...out for a walk,” Akanomi replied, clearly surprised by her mother’s appearance. She couldn’t let Claudia find out what her daughter had been up to.
Claudia didn’t reply. She scanned her daughter’s appearance and then said, “You look tired.”
“So do you.”
Akanomi’s mother’s eyes widened. She touched the left side of her daughter’s face. “What’s this?!” she exclaimed, “What happened to you?”
Akanomi pushed her mother’s hand away without thinking. “Nothing, mom! Nothing happened, I’m perfectly...”
It was quite clear to Akanomi that her mother’s senses had come to wake.
“I...I got into a fight,” Akanomi whispered, looking down at her bare feet.
“And your fingers...,” her mother continued, “Why, Akanomi? What happened?”
“I’m sorry, mom. I’m recovering...”
“I don’t want to see any more of this,” Claudia replied firmly, “You’re young, you can’t let yourself be swept away every time something bad happens.”
“But this is the first time I’ve...”
Claudia’s eyes held a stern expression.
“O...Okay, mother,” Akanomi whispered, and then raised her voice, “I’ve made a plan with a few friends to go to the park tomorrow.”
Claudia smiled weakly. “Good,” she replied, and then walked out of the room, “I’m going to my room.”
Hypocrite, Akanomi thought involuntarily, and then shook the idea out of her mind. She called the rest of her friends, and all were obviously relieved that Akanomi seemed like she was going back to her old self.
After calling the last friend on her list, Lily Jones, Akanomi turned on her laptop and opened up the list of criminals.
Her next target was a drug lord named Hisashi Kata, and his hideout wasn’t far from her house. Hisashi had a menacing appearance: he had tan skin and scars all over his body. In the photograph that Akanomi had of him, he was holding a pistol and was wearing expensive looking sunglasses, a purple shirt, a white coat on top of that, and white pants. His gelled black hair was all pulled to the back of his head, with a few thick spikes hanging down in front of his face. Akanomi noticed that he had a gold tooth as well.
Hisashi apparently also had many henchmen with him, so taking him down was going to be no easy task. The police had never managed to catch him because he would always hide behind other gangs and get them caught.
Akanomi’s first order of business was a gun. She couldn’t fight a whole gang with one knife, it was extremely risky, and she couldn’t afford getting another injury that stuck out like the cuts on her fingers and the bruise on her face. She slammed her laptop shut and pulled some clothes out of her closet: a shirt, skirt, a knee length coat, a hat and a pair of gloves, all pitch black. She changed into them, grabbed her switchblade, stuffed it into her shirt and left the room, turning off the lights.
“I’m going out for a while,” she called, heading downstairs. She pulled a crumpled – up piece of paper out of her coat pocket. Akanomi had drawn a map on it, a map that gave directions to the nearest weapons dealer. The name of the shop was Explosive Tech, an arms dealing shop that specialized in the latest and best guns and explosives. Akanomi just hoped that she had enough to pay for a decent gun, and that she wouldn’t be asked too many questions.
After crossing a few intersections and turning about four corners, she arrived at Explosive Tech. The wooden sign was beat – up and old, and the words “Explosive Tech” were almost illegible. The shop didn’t seem to have any windows, but that was to be expected of a weapons store. Other than that, the shop looked completely new. Taking a deep breath, Akanomi pushed open the door with a gloved hand and entered the shop.
Explosive tech wasn’t what Akanomi had thought it would be. She had expected a dull looking area with a small counter in the corner and a shady looking dealer standing behind it. Instead, her eyes took in flashing lights, people dancing and partying, small, round tables everywhere, and a corner where there was a long counter with people drinking and laughing. Then she noticed the shady man behind the counter, taking a smoke. She watched him laugh as she slowly approached the counter. He looked at her with surprise, and then smiled.
“Don’t get too many women like you here,” he began, leaning over the counter and pulling off his white fedora, “You’re the youngest and prettiest lookin’ one I seen since I opened this thing.”
Akanomi took a look around at the other women in the building. “I can see that,” she replied sarcastically.
“Sit, sit!” the man’s green eyes shone from under his mop of brown hair, “What would you like to drink?”
Akanomi looked him in the eye sternly. “I want a gun,” she replied softly.
The man’s smile turned upside – down. “Well, you know what you want?” he asked.
“Something good, but not too expensive.”
“‘Not too expensive’? I’m sure that you and I have very different ideas on what is considered expensive.”
Akanomi shrugged, “Somewhere from four hundred Kosa to...”
“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” the man put his hands up in the air, “Four hundred’s too low, I mean, the cheapest I sell is six hundred!”
“Fine, then I want to see what you’ve got that ranges from six hundred to a thousand,”
The man stomped on his cigarette with a black shoe, “Come with me,” he said after a few moments, and Akanomi followed him into a dark room.
“My name’s Jack Toka, by the way,” Jack said as he flicked the lights on, “I’m twenty – four. You?”
Akanomi looked around at the shelves that were lined with guns, grenades and the like. The strong smell of gunpowder began to overwhelm her. “I’m Alice Svenson,” she lied, shaking his hand. She had always wanted that as a second name – Alice Svenson. This was her first time actually using it, though.
“So here we have the pistols,” Jack said as he shook his brown hair out of his eyes, “They range from six hundred to seven – fifty.”
Akanomi looked at the arms. It was the simplest she could get, but not close the best.
“Here I got some bigger guns. They’re like, seven – fifty to nine hundred.”
Jack sauntered towards another shelf and grinned.
“Now this is some serious shit,” he smiled.
“And I bet it costs a lot, too,” Akanomi replied through gritted teeth, pulling her hat down.
There were rifles and flamethrowers, as well as some small tubes that Akanomi had never seen before.
“Those are compacannons,” Jack said, quenching Akanomi’s curiosity and lighting a cigarette he held clenched between his teeth, “They’re these new things that are real tiny, but they pack the punch of a big gun.”
“How much?” Akanomi began, hoping that she could afford one.
Jack smirked. “Nine – fifty Kosa to one thousand five hundred,” he replied, “Which one do you want?”
“How much is the machine gun one?”
The dealer blew a puff of smoke before replying. “One thousand one hundred. And that’s without taxes.”
“Shit!” Akanomi swore, curling her hands into fists. She looked at Jack and asked, “Come on, man. I’ve got a thousand Kosa on me now...can I give you the rest later?”
“It comes down to a total of one thousand five hundred if I add the taxes,” Jack continued, “And no, I can’t let you do that. For all I know, you could be in Ranxeth by noon tomorrow.”
“Couldn’t you just send your men out to find me?” Akanomi countered.
“Couldn’t I just get my men to go and rob your house?” Jack repeated Akanomi’s sentence mockingly, “Yes, I could, but I happen to be a much more honest person than that.”
“I swear I’ll pay the rest,” Akanomi begged.
“You could always work it off,” Jack shot her a shady look, “We’ve got lots of jobs for pretty women like...”
“Shut the hell up, I’m not doing any work for you,” Akanomi interrupted, “ Either you let me pay it off in a couple of months, or you lose this thousand that you’re getting right now, as well as the five hundred that’s yet to come.”
Jack gritted his teeth, squishing his cigarette. “You drive a hard bargain,” he said after a few seconds, “When can I expect the rest of the money?”
“Give me three months.”
“Are you freaking crazy?!” Jack took a step away from Akanomi and put his hands in the air, “Three months for a measly five hundred...”
Akanomi grabbed the hand that held her gun in it. “Three the most. If it takes me longer than that...”
“If it takes you longer than that, I’m sendin’ people after you, you got that?” the dealer frowned, moving his brown hair away from his eyes again, “This isn’t a good habit, not paying in full.”
“Sorry, but I need the gun,” Akanomi apologized, taking it from Jack.
“Yeah, whatever,” and then he put his hands on her shoulders and kissed her on the forehead.
“Hey!” Akanomi backed up, alarmed.
“The price was actually one thousand seven hundred and fifty,” Jack smiled, “But I cut it because I intended to do that.”
Akanomi didn’t reply. Instead, she stared at Jack, and then put the gun in her shirt and left Explosive Tech. Getting the five hundred Kosa wasn’t going to be a big problem; she already had two hundred at home, and the rest she could work for.
It was nine – thirty. Claudia wouldn’t be worried; Akanomi had calmed her with the idea of hanging out with her friends the next day. Akanomi opened the door and entered, heading straight to her room. She tossed her knife and gun into her backpack, which lay next to her bed.
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~Crossover Story: Akanomi Furoki Meets Senthose Rasheverek~

Akanomi slunk through the back alleys. She had looked up the man the night before. Senthose Rasheverek had thrown a grade schooler under a moving bus because "fuck that little prick, I am NOT glue, & he was clearly not elastic enough to be rubber!" Having paid an obscene amount of money for Johnny Cochran to defend him, he was aquitted on the basis that he logically proved that he is not glue, but was now living in poverty & squalor.
She rang the doorbell. She heard footsteps. The door opened. The pair stared at each other. Hazel eyes met red eyes, brown hair confronted silver hair, & he spoke in a voice full of malice & venom.
"All roads lead to Penistown."
It was several more seconds before anyone said anything that actually made any sense at all.
"Mr.," Akanomi began in a voice that was sweet, innocent, & vitrolic--she was pretty sure she was using the last word right--"my name is--"
"Akanomi Furkoi."
"Are you dumb? Your father's a local war hero. Anyone who reads the news knows who you are. You should really wear a wig or something, if you want to go incognito."
"I'll just...go now."
"And then I'll call the police & you'll be arrested for tresspassing, at which point they'll discover the other crimes you've commited. Man, you fucking suck at this."
She had enough of his bullshit. Those eyes were so hideously evil. She started to feel nostalgic as she reached up with both hands, yanking out the orbs. Blood washed over her arms. Senthose staggered back into the house, clutching his face & screaming. Akanomi walked in, closing the door behind her. The next thing she'd hear would be--
Senthose's leg swung in an arc, impacting her in the groin & causing her head to bounce off of the ceiling. When she landed, she tried to catch her breath. Senthose removed his hands from his face, revealing a set of googley eyes that bounced around outside of his head on springs.
"Hahaha. You fell for my trap. Little did you know that I replaced my eyeballs days ago in anticipation of this moment."
Enraged, Akanomi got to her feet and ran forward. Senthose, not having real eyes, could not see what the fuck was going on, & was thus unable to sidestep the blade as it pierced his heart. After several moments, he started eating a carrot.
"Ehhh...what's up, doc?"
"What? Did you replace your heart, too?"
"Huh? No, that's physiologically impossible. What are you, stupid?"
"Then how are you still alive?"
"You've been feeling dead inside since your father died, correct?"
"Well...yes...." She had no idea why she was talking about feelings with this madman.
"You are only as young as you feel. And you feel dead. Therefore, I submit to you that you are dead, & thus can do no harm to me. Unless you're a zombie. And zombies can't run, so you obviously are not one of those."
"But you know, zombies can only be killed," she began, wrenching her knife free, "By cutting off their heads!"
She slashed, & Senthose's head departed from his body. A fountain of blood exploded out of his neck as the body ran away. On the floor, the googley eyes bounced around as Senthose sneered.
"A switchblade knife does not have the necessary force to sever bone, so I in fact did NOT lose my head just now, & since my head is still attached, I must be alive!"
Akanomi stamped her foot in frustration.
"Why won't you die?!"
"What kind of name is 'Akanomi'? That pseudo-weeaboo bullshit is worse than my pseudo-weeaboo bullshit."
"You're evil! You deserve to die! My dad fought evil!"
"Lady, what the fuck are you going on about? Your dad was in the army. You know what they do in the army? Gay stuff. Butt stuff. Your dad is a total fag. You were adopted."
"Stop mocking me!"
She stabbed into his head. Bones and brain sprayed everywhere as it disintegrated. The body came back into the room with a suitcase, a comical amount of blood still spraying from its head. As it opened the door, it turned back to make a few quick hand gestures at Akanomi. Being at the top of her class, she automatically knew that it was sign language for, "I'm going back to my own continuity, this is retarded." The headless body slammed the door shut behind it. There was one sign that she couldn't quite figure out....
The next day.
"That son of a bitch flipped me off!" Akanomi yelled.
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^Akanomi(Working Title) So_much_win_You_think_YOUR_Life_sucks-s517x600-49838-580
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"..." is the only thing I can do that doesn't make me seem angry or pissed off(which I'm not). I actually enjoyed it. It's my fault for not posting this earlier, though, so here(though this is just another thing to mock):the people in this story are Hylens, not humans. Some main differences between humans and hylens are: Their eardrums are clearly visible, they are taller than the average human, their eyes are bigger than ours, they have seven hearts in seven different places, and their fingers can bend towards the insides of their palms, and the outsides(to a certain extent). They're taller, and there is one heart that is the most powerful, as in, pumps the most blood, and that is near the stomach. The other hearts are support, and once their(part I didn't finish)main heart is severed, the blood pumping slows down, even though it should speed up(like when one breathes faster)
The thing about cardiac arrest is, that, in the case that they do have a heart attack, one heart shuts down, now make that whichever one you want. There's this other thing, though, this being a theory that I'm working on, is when the hearts fail, one by one, eventually leading to death.
And Emily's voice was "bubbling with blood", and the whole event didn't span even half an hour, more like three minutes(from when she is first stabbed to jack's death), so she can't die that quickly.
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