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 Snippets from SEFA

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Snippets from SEFA Empty
PostSubject: Snippets from SEFA   Snippets from SEFA EmptyMon Jul 18, 2011 11:55 pm

Tiny bits of dialogue pieces from SEFA (one of my games).

"Kayci: [thinks: Clearly, he hasn't seen my axe.] Actually, any thug that even thinks of getting in my way--[she glares over to Jay Jay and Cody]--should think again, and might have to do it with an axe lodged in his brain, courtesy of yours truly. [exclamation points appear over everyone's heads] But I'm curious about these revolts. Indecelio's been talking about them all day, too. Have they only begun? What's happened in Nohde so far?

Professor: There are factions of the Nohdain territory--cities, planets, the like-- that no longer wish to be part of Nohde. These rebels have therefore attacked, just recently, some central bases of the Nohdain government, and I fear that soon their desperation will lead to attacking the citizens themselves. With such events under way it is hard to say where and when it is safe to travel anymore.

Kayci: Oh? Then the rebels here aren't completely unlike the Orion scum back home. They'll be easy!

Indecelio: I would like to learn more about this Orion you speak of, Kayci... But it's getting late, and we should be going. [He stands, and Kayci does the same.] Dinner was delicious, Professor. Thank you.

Kayci: Yeah! And thanks for having us over. [thinks: Even if I had to suffer being around those two lying, arrogant brats...]

Professor: The pleasure was all mine, Indecelio. Kayci.

Indecelio: [an ellipsis '...' appears over Indecelio's head, showing that he is in deep thought, before he speaks] Kayci, I have a spare room where you can stay the night. I need to speak with the professor concerning other matters, but you may go ahead and explore the shops in the city for supplies you might need, if you wish, for the time being. I'll find you when we're finished here and we'll return to my home.

Kayci: Whoa there, Indy.

Indalecio: [thinks: Indy?]

Kayci: You're inviting me? To your place? After we've just met?

Indecelio: I assure you, I have no interest whatsoever in matters concerning... [Indecelio's eyebrows furrow as he purses his lips, thinking hard for the right words to say.] ...Concerning whatever it is you might be thinking.

Kayci: [frowns, somewhat offended, though she isn't aware of it herself] Excuse me? And what could that be?

Professor: Now, now...

Indecelio: Simply put, I am not inviting you to my house for a tea party, or anything that might come after such a thing.

Kayci: Well, I've never even been to a tea party, so I have no idea what you're talking about! And whatever is in your head right now, what I mean is that I could be an axe-wielding psychopath!

Indecelio: That hasn't stopped me so far, has it?

Kayci: [scoffs] What's that supposed to mean!?

Professor: [with a tone somewhat meant to scold, not said in exasperation] Children...

Indecelio: [notices the professor and afterwards looks back to Kayci] It was a mere quip, Kayci. Honestly, I'm inviting you to stay so that I won't have trouble looking for you tomorrow.

Kayci: [looks to the professor for a while, then, supposing that she can trust Indecelio to some extent, turns back to him and sighs] All I'm saying is that you need to watch who you invite to your house, but fine. Although I don't know why you'd need to see me tomorrow. Are you going to miss me, so you have to say goodbye?

Indecelio: [ignores Kayci's last statement on purpose.] Go on ahead, Kayci."


Kayci: Indecelio...what do you think you're doing?

[Indecelio sees Kayci and stands to face her.]

Indecelio: I'm packing.

Kayci: I can see that, which is why I asked you what you thought you were doing.

Indecelio: [shakes his head at Kayci] I'm accompanying you to North Haven tomorrow, Kayci, and perhaps even the very least, far enough to send you back home.

Kayci: That's real nice of you, but...are you sure you want to miss a single day of school, golden boy?

Indecelio: Actually, the matter I spoke with the professor about I may aid you, he told me, so long as I write a full, detailed report on the journey, as well as my learnings concerning your travel here.

Kayci: Okay...but are you sure you're up to it? Like the Professor said, it's going to be a dangerous journey! No doubt we'll encounter perils like never before. Monsters, thieves, crazies... We'll have the scum of the universe at our heels! And there'll be guys. Guys with swords.

Indecelio: [with a straight face, but denoting sarcasm] I'm terrified.

Kayci: I'm just saying! You might not be able to stomach the action.

Indecelio: No brute will strike me down, I assure you, and I will be of use to you when your scum of the universe arrive and you are scathed with gashes and bruises, as I aided the professor's sons, arrogant as they may have been. Learning of the grand methods of time travel is simply another incentive.

Kayci: [sighs again] I guess I can't stop you and your heart of gold. But don't immediately expect me to be your knight with shining axe when you run out of your pretty magic spells.

Indecelio: My knight...with shining...axe?

[Kayci's eyes narrow to slits.]

Kayci: Quiet, you.


"[Kayci approaches Indecelio, calling him all the while.]

Kayci: There you are, Indecelio. What's the big idea, running off on me when we're supposed to be leaving for North Haven already?

[Stuck in deep thought, Indecelio doesn't answer. An ellipsis '...' forms over Kayci's head before she walks closer.]

Kayci: Indecelio? [walks even closer to him when he doesn't answer, and her voice gets louder] Indecelio? [sighs, gets right beside him, and leans forward to speak in his ear] INDECELIO!

[Indecelio falls back, startled, and puts a hand over the ear Kayci yelled in.]

Indecelio: Agh... [with some trouble, as if still cringing] Good morning, Kayci. I see you're awake.

Kayci: I see you are now, too, so I repeat: What's the big idea, running off and giving me a hard time finding you when we should be leaving for North Haven? Did you change your mind because of the sword guys? You know I was just kidding. But if you're daunted by stuff like that...

[Indecelio stands and faces Kayci.]

Indecelio: [sighs] I'd been planning to ask you if you wanted to take a walk here in the Gardens in the early morning, but you were asleep...soundly.

Kayci: [thinks: What does he mean, 'soundly'?]

Indecelio: And I didn't want to disturb your rest, though I didn't think you'd wake up so soon.

[Kayci stares at him for a few seconds]

Kayci: [starts out aggressively] Yeah, well you know what? I... [sighs as if giving up, then calms down and speaks in a more gentle voice] ...I guess it's all right. But we have to go now. While there's still 'daylight'. (<--said in a somewhat mocking tone, but not completely mocking)

Indecelio: You're right. Shall we?

Kayci: Let's.

[Indecelio joins the party, but just as the two near the entrance, Indecelio stops. A question mark appears over Kayci's forehead.]

Indecelio: ...Did you bring someone into the Gardens with you?

Kayci: Me? [scoffs] No. I can get around perfectly fine by myself, thanks. Why?

Indecelio: I thought I'd heard something in the bushes. And I felt a burning in my back, as if someone was watching us...

Kayci: Really? I didn't hear anything. And as a federation fighter pilot, I was trained to make my senses as keen as a...keen as a...well, really keen.

Indecelio: Oh yes, you were a fighter pilot... Fascinating. (he says this with true interest, but it is said so blankly that Kayci believes he is mocking her) Although I did hear something.

Kayci: Hmph. But fine, if you're that frightened, I guess I can take a look for you.

[Kayci leaves Indecelio's side to investigate the bushes and trees surrounding them. Upon finding nothing, she returns to her companion.]

Kayci: Hmm. Nothing but the bushes and trees around you. I saw a bunny, too, which is what you might have heard. I doubt it could burn anything if it tried, but would you like it axed so you can sleep at night again anyway, my distressed damsel?

Indecelio: If you wished to be my knight with shining axe, Kayci, all you had to do was ask.

Kayci: [annoyed that he is able to make a comeback (I'm assuming Kayci isn't used to being fought back when it comes to verbal fighting, seeing as she was at the top of her class, second only to Ignitious, so it irks her that someone is actually challenging her)] Ooh... This is such a waste of time. There's nobody there. Are you happy now? Do you feel safe? Secure?

Indecelio: Quite. Thank you, Kayci. You make a fine knight.

Kayci: Grr...!

[The two leave the Outer Gardens.]"

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Snippets from SEFA
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