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Quote : Tempting is the Silver mist

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PostSubject: Poetry   Poetry EmptyThu May 17, 2012 5:31 pm

Your blood,
Your blood in my mouth is sweet,
My eyes roll
Gasps escape my lips
You cry my name in desire.

Like so many others.
Many times have I told you
That I do not desire you to kiss my feet.

So that is true, I do not want your subservience.
I want you to fight me, I want you to struggle
Because the idea of you touching me
Of me kissing your neck and you moaning in pleasure
Is something I desire of you.

No, do not kiss my feet, my human--
Kiss my lips. Kiss my lips, grind into me
Let me touch you, take your blouse from your shoulders
My fingers in your curled hair
And murmur my name. My human name.

We may both be human, love
but I am not like you; inexperienced, naive and raw
I am the thunder to your summer sky
the wishes to your empty heart
And I would have this with you.

Would share this with you.

Would have your lips screaming my name
Not in pain, though object would not I
But pleasure, desire, lust, passion
As I touch forbidden places on your dying human skin.

The taste of your mortality is like metal.
Did you know it?

I would taste it, only once
And that is another reason I feared the poison
of lust, of trysts in moonlight time
Because I would have done as you expected.

I cannot control this desire, this fire in my heart, my soul
to see you is to breathe it like a gas, to touch you is to scream my wants
and I cannot have you know that yet
if I am not beautiful, if I am not wise.

God, my God---
Do I want you.
More than anything I want you.
I want the impossible things.

In the lifetimes, there is magic.
From my lips, so now it comes.
So is my rampant spell within
Your dreams, your heart, your body
And draw it to me.

Because I want it, want you.

In the end,
This is only a wish.

Grant me it.
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Quote : Tempting is the Silver mist

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PostSubject: Re: Poetry   Poetry EmptyThu May 17, 2012 5:35 pm

Your lips
would taste of long ago
your caresses
would carve my flesh

such is the doom that serenades
in the moonlight's empty hours.

three kisses on my neck, they say
your hands over my naked flesh
my eyes would run you ragged
if you had the courage to face me.

There is a wilderness in my soul
that waits to be explored
your fleeting eyes, your too-smooth hands
your too-thin lips
would make villages in that wild
cities I would welcome
for our passion'd burn them down.

I would write you as obsession
like the heathen Gods of old
I'd demean you to an emptiness
if your hazel eyes didn't make me human.

No, this is no obsession
for I know obsession well
I have been
with getting you out of my mind
since the day
my hands
touched your lips with a whisper.

Leave me alone, leave me no touch
and I shall wither like the flowers in the autumn
praying to the sun for time it can't have
and waiting
for your touch again.

My Love.....
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PostSubject: Re: Poetry   Poetry EmptySat May 26, 2012 4:33 am

Personally like my poems to have a bit of rhyming in it; brings a bit of rhythm, and harmony I think. That said, not bad at all.

"Your blood,
Your blood in my mouth is sweet, "

Couldn't help but think of this.
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PostSubject: Re: Poetry   Poetry Empty

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