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 The Digivice

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The Digivice Empty
PostSubject: The Digivice   The Digivice EmptyThu May 23, 2013 8:16 am

The [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] (name unknown to the human cast at the time this is written) is a device that currently offers a digital clock, and two maps.

One is crude showing only a grid, but covers a larger area and the locations of other Digivices indicated by a dot of that Digivices color (color serving a purpose this time around).

The other is a three dimensional holographic projection from the screen displaying a smaller area (unlike the previous map, it can't display the whole city), but offers greater detail such as landmarks and elevations.

The last known feature of the Digivice not pertaining to Digivolution is the ability to exorcise a Digimon's evil nature from its body, converting it to a good Digimon. The process works by the Digivice gathering data from its surroundings and the user can fire a beam at a Digimon to attempt the conversion. It only works on Rookie-level and lower although it could be possible that it can work on higher level Digimon, but the amount of data required would be immence.

Digivolution: By the power granted by the Light of Evolution, the Digivice enables one's Digimon to evolve to the next stage in their development. Presently from In-Training to Rookie. Unless severe damage is sustained or through other means of energy consumption, the evolution from In-Training to Rookie is permanent.

Expanding on Digivolution is the process of Digivolving from Rookie to Champion. Through the gathering of data done by the Digivice, the Digimon's partner can transfer that data to the Digimon allowing them to reach their next level. Unlike the previous Digivolution, this one is only temporary.

In conjumction with the Crest, a Digimon can Digivolve from.Champion to Ultimate. Also temporary and also quote frail as the process is dependant on the human partner being able to display the trait defined by their Crest.

If someone bearing the Crest of Kindness is not at all kind, the Digivolution will fail and both the human and Digimon will experience fatigue and pain.

Armor Digivolution: With the D-Terminal, a Digimental is transfered to the users Digivice which then allows for certain Digimon to achieve Armor level. The power of an Armor Digimon is stronger than a Champion, but weaker than an Ultimate, it is possible there may be exceptions, but at the present time, no known Digimental possess power that deviates from this trend.

Golden Digimentals: Presently the only known Golden Digimental is the Digimental of Destiny. Unlike the regular Digimentals which grant power between that of a Champion and Ultimate, the Golden Digimental possess power between that of an Ultimate and a Mega.

Known Digimentals:
Reliability: Currently in the possession of Hitomi Alla.
Also Compatible With: Azuma Huraka & Euryale Rakshashi.
Light: Currently in the possession of Hitomi Alla.
Also Compatible With:  Azuma Huraka.
Hope: Currently in the possession of Azuma Huraka.
Also Compatible With: Hitomi Alla.
Destiny: Currently in the possession of Eve Tantus
Also Compatible With: Currently unknown.
Courage: Currently in the possession of Euryale Rakshashi.
Also Compatible With: Currently unknown.
Frienship: Currently in the possession of Taiyo Shikasu.
Also Compatible With: Azuma Huraka & Hitomi Alla.
Love: Currently in the possession of Azuma Huraka.
Also Compatible With: Currently unknown.
Miracles: Currently in the possession of Eve Tantus.
Also Compatible With: Currently unknown.

Digimentals short for Digital Element are artifacts from a time long past. Information of their origin or original purpose is unknown.

Much like the Crests that activate based on the trait being displayed, the Digimentals effect the user based on how much of the objects traits is displayed, affecting the power of the Digimon as well as harming the user if the trait is not displayed in a satisfactory manner.

The Golden Digimentals are exempt of this.

DNA Digivolution/Jogress Digivolution: The process of combining two Digimon of the same level to create a single Digimon of a higher level. Example: Rookie + Rookie = Champion.

Triple Jogress: A form of DNA Digivolution/Jogress Digivolution where two Digimon become one where one Digimon used in the process is already the byproduct of DNA Digivolution/Jogress Digivolution.

There is a process known as Infinite Jogress where the two Digimon partition reverting back to their previous forms and then merge again to become one again while replenishing their health. An effective stratagy assuming it's not interupted.

Slide Evolution: An uncommon process unique to a small number of Digimon when a Digimon transitions to a Digimon of the same level although opposite in terms of alignment.

X-Evolution: Unique to some Digimon is the process of X-Evolution. X-Evolution is a permanent process when a Digimon acquires an X-Antibody. This results in a physical transformation and hieghtened abilities.

NEW: Biomerge Digivolution: When a Digimon and its partner are unified with a common goal in mind, the two unite as one achieving the level of Mega. In this form, both entities share the same body but keep their seperate consciousness.

More to come as the functions are discovered.

The [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]. A portable device that allows for its users to keep in contact via email. The device also contains an encyclopedia of all known Digimon and when the user possess a Digimental, they can transfer it to their Digivice to allow for Armor Digivolution. Digimentals may also be swapped between other whose partner Digimon the Digimental is compatible with.

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The Digivice
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