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Unyielding Force of Thoroughbred Penis
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Chieftess Lillymon
Lady Venusmon

Etemon & Groupies:

Captain Mermaimon
Lord Neptunemon
Lord Jupitermon
Lady Junomon


Ancient Greymon/Ancient Garurumon/Susanoomon

Sekhmet: A group of mercenaries-for-hire that served as Kurata's initial force to invade the Digital World. Some remain, but large numbers have been killed, so the D-Reaper Hybrids became Kurata's primary troops until his defeat. The generals of Sekhmet & Kurata's Bio-Hybrids were essentially merged as organizations. During the battle with Kurata, they suffered heavy losses & are presumed to be inactive, if not disbanded.
*Leaders: Senthose (deceased), Malkuth (successor, deceased), Vanessa (2nd successor, captured)
Bio-Hybrids: Kurata's generals, humans & Digimon that are compatible to be fused into a human that can assume Digimon form. If they are not careful, the Digimon mind can reassert itself. Kurata planned to replace them with even more sophisticated D-Reaper Hybrids that he can control with his own mind, eventually doing so with the modified Devas after most of the group was destroyed.
*Senthose/Myotismon: Mercenary leader, hired by Kurata, who organized most of the BioHybrids. Accidentally killed himself when his own grenade was knocked back at him. His ghost data, witnessed by the Tamers, revealed that he had been a mercenary for as long as he could remember & considered peaceful life to be a smoke screen that hid the world's real nature.
*Malkuth/Tactimon: Successor to Senthose, a tactician who infiltrated the Hypnos agency. Was in custody of the Digidestined and gave them information about Kurata's base, but was killed by Netzach while trying to escape. Postwar theorists believe he was an intelligence agent who faked his death to join Sekhmet for greater profit & less limitations.
*Yesod/MetalSeadramon: Warlord who planned to usurp Kurata & take control of Japan. Eventually possessed by Leviamon's data. Mervamon planned to have him tortured for insulting Lilithmon, but killed him rather than risk losing him when war broke out. Following the demise of Sekhmet, his Somalian estate collapsed.
*Hod/Leviamon: "Man on the inside" who betrayed Hypnos to Kurata. Killed by Yesod, to eliminate witnesses to his plan.
*Barbatos/Lilithmon: Japanese-born torture-killer with some ties to Senthose, allowing her to escape conviction. Killed herself by absorbing D-Reaper data, in a failed attempt to take her enemies with her. As confirmed by her ghost data, her past involved being shunted between abusive foster homes as she began displaying psychopathology warning signs.
*Volund/Reapermon: American gangster & bounty-hunter, who fled overseas when the heat was on. Wanted immortality, but was killed by MadLeomon.
*Netzach/Diaboromon: A man who lost his family to the Deva attacks. When he contracted terminal brain cancer, he joined Kurata at Senthose's urging, figuring he had nothing left to lose. Finally defeated at the Siege on the Village of Beginnings, at which point his symptoms ran unrestrained & killed him. When Thiera pleaded for information, he let something slip about tracing D-Reaper Data back to the Master Program, which proved instrumental to defeating Kurata.
*Gevurah/Daemon: The Tamers know little about him, save that he planned to kill the weakened Malkuth in hopes of assuming his position. Eventually destroyed DemiDevimon, but defeated & imprisoned soon after. Assassinated by former comrades. Postwar investigations revealed him to be an aging military official who fled after the collapse of the USSR, presumably having sought out Sekhmet for protection from war crimes.
*Vanessa Johnson/Megidramon: Seems to have been Malkuth's 2nd-in-command, but like Gevurah, betrayed him after he lost his powers in hopes of assuming his position. Temporarily stripped of her Bio-Hybrid status, but escaped & had it restored in time to capture Thiera as she was transported to the human world. Made a temporary alliance with her when Kurata began to lose, only to double cross her as well, planning to flee the country with the rest of Sekhmet & leave no witnesses. Megidramon was finally defeated once & for all before the battle with Kurata, though Vanessa survived, & was captured. In the subsequent year, she was revealed to be a former Israeli soldier who joined Sekhmet some time after many in her unit were killed in the the 2006 Lebanon War. Most charges against her were dropped due to lack of evidence, though she was convicted of kidnapping & torture, & sentenced to 20 years in prison, with prosecutors pursuing applying international law to the Digital World.

Etemon & Groupies: A group of outlaw Digimon who took over the Concert Hall & made a pact with Volund to obtain the equipment to make Digimon slaves, in return for handing over the Digidestined. Were all destroyed in the battle, the Black Spires preventing their data from being reborn, & reformatting them into cards.

Olympiads: A group of powerful, godlike Digimon in a certain region of the Digital World. Each one has its own associated followers, & is not necessarily allied with the others. During the final battle, all surviving Olympiads joined forces, along with the Mervamon Sisters. They are almost as old as the Sovereign, as evidenced by their godlike forms.
*Lady Venusmon: A Digimon who valued love & pacifism above all things, & created a sanctuary to protect Digimon who sought the same lifestyle. She was moved to help the Digidestined with non-violent resistance, but was ultimately destroyed doing so. Her followers resided in Baihumon's sanctuary, still in denial of her death, until most returned after Kurata's defeat.
*Lord Jupitermon: Detests that "evil" Digimon are being allowed to join the United Army & threatened to withdraw his forces & become their enemy. Destroyed, along with his army & wife Lady Junomon, by the Digidestined after he attempted to use them to attack the Dark Area.
*Bacchae: Bacchusmon & his drunken followers travel all over the Digital World & have little interest in much else besides wine & partying. Went missing after helping the Digidestined rescue Ceresmon & retreat to the Village of Beginnings, but returned for the final battle.
*Ceresmon/Ceresmon Medium: Flying bird/plant Digimon, protector of the forest & peaceful Digimon, death of those who would callously destroy nature. Served by a trio of Sirenmon on her back. Had a shaky relationship with Jupitermon, but a much better one with Venusmon & the Bacchae.
*Apollomon & Marsmon: Co-rule over a far-flung region of the Olympus Area that Kurata was unable to conquer, due to its hellish landscape & powerful army.
*Dianamon: Kylie & Lunamon Biomerged, who joined up after the final battle.
*Merukimon: A wandering shaman & tradesman Digimon.
*Vulcanusmon: A legendary Digimon who forged many of the weapons & armor of the Digital World. All other forgers owe their trade either directly or indirectly to him, as he introduced forging to the world.
*Plutomon: Hatched from the same egg as Jupitermon. A feud between them began long ago, each claiming that the other started it. In any case, Plutomon was only allowed to formally join the Olympiads after Jupitermon's death. The others remain wary of him, for he is similar in ruthless disposition to his brother. He harbors no particular prejudice when punishing evil, but is known to be cruel & unforgiving.

Royal Knights: A group of Digimon gathered & given power by King Drasil, who serve to defend the Digital World. All Royal Knights eventually assist in the final battle against Kurata.
*Gallantmon: Assisted the Digidestined in the Battle of the Concert Hall. He did not take sides in their argument with King Drasil, preferring to focus his efforts on protecting the Hall. He is often away recruiting other Knights & was confirmed to be a Biomerged Digimon in the final battle, though there were some indications before that.
*Leopardmon: Formerly a Crusadermon, he was gravely injured in the Battle of the Concert Hall & reformatted to save his data. Eventually killed, though not deleted, in the battle against Kurata. Had revived, regaining his level & rank by the anniversary of Kurata's defeat.
*Crusadermon: Biomerge Digivolution of Lyra & Kotemon, agreed to become a Royal Knight so that King Drasil would participate in the Battle of the Great Darkness. Did not personally accompany the King.
*Craniamon: Appeared with King Drasil in the Chaos Area & assisted in the Battle of the Great Darkness.
*Examon: Came with King Drasil to the Chaos Area, but could not fit into the cave, & so was bid to patrol the skies. Later assisted fighting Apocalymon briefly.
*Gankoomon: Rescued Huckmon & the Sistermon, & is training Huckmon to become the next Royal Knight.
*Dynasmon: Was mentioned as assisting Saber Leomon in battle.
*Kudamon: Draped around King Drasil's neck when he arrived at the Village of Beginnings. Taken into the final battle, eventually digivolved to Kentaurusmon.
*Huckmon: Taken into the final battle, eventually digivolved to Jesmon.
*Omnimon: A Gabumon & an Agumon that participated in many battles rebuilding the Digital World eventually gained the power to DNA Digivolve a year after Kurata's defeat.
*Potential Candidates: King Drasil planned to give Renamon & Agumon the power to DNA Digivolve into Omnimon. Lyra's partner eventually Digivolved into Crusadermon & joined.

*Minervamon, her "little sister" & possibly 2nd in command despite her immaturity, has since Digivolved into a Mervamon herself.
*Hi-Vision Monitamon+Monitamon (spies)
*Various Devimon-types, Lady Devimon being most high-ranking

*Great Darkness: Plan to unify all Digimon under Bagramon's & Apocalymon's control.
*Barbamon & Zanbamon (2nd in command), Yesod conspiring with Barbamon, Zanbamon used by Bagramon

*Astamon/Phascomon (formerly)
*GranDracmon (oldest Dark Area Digimon, tends to be in alliance with the strongest power)

Demon Lords: A group of 7 particular Digimon. Many of Kurata's Bio-Hybrids, including himself, were Demon Lords. The Demon Lords in Kurata's world were organized & so, upon finding freedom, attempted to complete their numbers with Demon Lords from this world--with or without consent. Fortunately, they were stopped before they could get very far.

United Army: An army assembled by the Leomon Corps & the Digidestined. It consists of various Digimon civilizations & human forces brought together against Kurata, their common enemy.
*Yamaki, Riley, Tally, & some Hypnos agents.
*Leomon Corps (Leomon, IceLeomon, Regulumon, BanchoLeomon, SaberLeomon, MadLeomon, & GrapLeomon)
*Mermaimon Privateers (Ancient Mermaimon + Lord Neptunemon>Mermaimon crew/Ranamon (adviser)>cabin girls>slaves [currently including Phascomon])
*Bastemon's people, friends of the Leomon, they formerly lived near their enemies, the Mermaimon, but ultimately moved their village to Olympia.
*Eventually joined with the Olympiads & Royal Knights.
Hypnos: Government agency that monitors the internet, the Digital World, & Digimon. Controlled by Kurata from the time September 2013 near to his eventual defeat, whereupon Yamaki was reinstated.
Betsumon: Unknown.

1--Primitive Realm
Largely dominated by desert. A Zudomon forged special cards for the "Digidestined" here.
2--Dark Realm
An underworld of sorts where weaker Dark Digimon reside. Zone containing the castle formerly belonging to the Devimon that became bonded with Senthose.
3--Populous Realm
Most neutral citizens of the Digital World live here. Contains a wide variety of ecosystems.
-->Gear Village: A village that was a series of caves carved out of a group of mountains jutting out of the ocean, with black gears jutting out of them. When the mechanism was activated, pieces of the mountain would move around, providing transport for the villagers. There were few walkable paths. Was the home of Gotsumon, before they were killed by careless Tamers. It still stands abandoned, with nobody knowing if the Gotsumon revived or where they went.
-->Lilymon Village: A village in a jungle that contained wild Digimon like Togamon & Fangmon. Its Chieftess was Lillymon. It was utterly destroyed by Senthose & a team of mercenaries. A small area with a Data Stream in the jungle.
-->Royal Court: The Sanctuary & Concert Hall were rebuilt, with several flowering forests, monuments to King Drasil, & walled villages erected between them. Shakamon heads the Royal Knights here, in King Drasil's stead. A giant tree rises out of the center of the realm, connecting with the data from the human world.

-->Fertile Valley: An ocean valley covered over by a shield, allowing land-based Digimon to congregate here, & water-based Digimon in the river running through it. Either created or simply protected by Baihumon, after he abandoned the Sovereign Realm. Among its many Digimon was Wisemon, a prophet who lived in a cave & protected the secret to battling the D-Reaper. The only way to & from here is by Whamon. MetalSeadramon lay in wait to ambush the "Digidestined" when they left. A Data Stream is on a small, lone island up above.
-->Southwest Sea: A region of ocean that contained a palace made of seashells that Neptunemon & AncientMermaimon called home, but the palace was destroyed. The palace has since been rebuilt & expanded.
-->Chessmon Kingdoms: A region of mostly-flat checkerboard land with an arid, ashy environment. There is little of interest here, but the black & white Chessmon still fight over it for some reason.
4--Chaos Realm
Stronger Dark Digimon reside here, & often come into conflict with the Celestials. Zone containing the castle formerly belonging to the Myotismon that became bonded with Senthose, who was allied with the Devimon who met that same fate.
-->Mastamon Catacombs: Formerly Mervamon Catacombs. In the forest lies a fortified hill with a giant snake skull on top. That snake skull opens & closes to reveal a network of caves that is Mastamon's (formerly a Mervamon) lair. Has expanded throughout the Chaos Realm now that Mastamon is the uncontested ruler.
-->Castle Bagramon: A tower, deep in the forest, carved from a massive, still-living white tree. When it was destroyed, seeds from this tree created the forest of the Royal Court.
-->Myotismon Manor: A gothic castle sitting atop a (formerly) active volcano not far from Mervamon Catacombs. The lava pools into a moat & most of the trees surrounding it were removed during Kurata's occupation. Eventually destroyed during The Battle of The Great Darkness, its ruins are now used as a quarry to build Mastamon's guard towers, her having rendered the volcano dormant using her time manipulation powers.
5--Celestial Realm
A golden city floating in the clouds, populated by angelic Digimon. Featured a map of the Digital World that showed connections between Zones, & Digimon moving in real time. Kurata nearly wiped the angels out & the realm was abandoned. Further details unknown. A year after Kurata's attack, the Sovereigns guard this realm until it can be repopulated & rebuilt, albeit mostly with clay. Also features hanging gardens.
6--Sovereign Realm
The Sovereigns' castles are on each cardinal point & overlook a canyon that reaches deep into the Digital World & to other dimensions. Following Kurata's attack, the Sovereigns vacated the realm, but eventually returned after Kurata's defeat.

Unknown Zone
Village of Beginnings: Though not visited at the time, it was mentioned that there is a village where Digimon whose data are not drained, who are not permanently deleted, or whose life cycles are not otherwise interrupted, are reborn as new Digi-Eggs. Most likely in either Zone 1 or 3.

Eventually, the Digidestined would come here seeking shelter from Kurata & to plan their final offensive. It turned out to be more-or-less exactly as it was depicted in "Digimon Adventure," with "buildings" made of foam blocks, trees growing toys, & fields dotted with Digi-Eggs & cradles. It was overseen by Elecmon, who claimed to have barely cultivated this version of the Village of Beginnings from spare seeds after the original was destroyed by the D-Reaper.

After Kurata's defeat, the village has returned to its former glory, with only the addition of a monument commemorating the Digidestined who protected the babies & the LadyDevimon who gave her life there as a sign that it was ever in danger.

The Other World
Though not part of the Digital World that they know of, some of the "Digidestined" were transported, by Kurata's ability to tear through dimensions, to a 2nd Digital World. There, peace was kept by a young man whose name they never quite caught. He looks a lot like King Drasil's human form. Drasil implied that he came from this world, & that they share some kind of history.

A great void links this world to that of the Tamers', & within that void lies an Apocalymon that devours any data that manages to sink that far down. This Apocalymon was freed during The Battle of the Great Darkness, but defeated & forced back inside when it attempted to self-destruct. It will one day rise again, while some of its data was split off during the battle & allowed to reincarnate as new Digimon.

Betwixt & Between
After a part of the Digital World collapsed into a wormhole due to a combination of too many tears being opened in spacetime & Megidramon's Digital Hazard, Taiyo found herself floating in the space between worlds, which appeared like a circuit board with many columns of data dotting the surface & spiraling up into apparent infinity.

Part of this area contains King Drasil's massive Server Tree, which now has roots in the Royal Court.

*2001: Operation Doodlebug sucks the D-Reaper through a wormhole & back to the Digital World. The D-Reaper is returned to its most primitive state. Simultaneously, an accident banishes Professor Kurata into a wormhole in a parallel universe. The simultaneous space-time disruptions link the 2 worlds, & Kurata reappears with the D-Reaper in his possession.
*2001-2002: Kurata falsifies his background, becomes employed at Hypnos, & hires mercenary army of Senthose Rasheverek to help him purge the Digimon & bring Hypnos under his command. Finding most of his forces inadequate, Senthose begins contracting outside help to be used in the BioHybrid project.
*June of 2013: D-Powers are bugged & "Digidestined" join Hypnos, become recruited into a special project headed by Kurata.
*July of 2013: Zudomon forges the Blue Card for the "Digidestined." Several versions of Leomon group together to create a resistance force.
*August of 2013: Leomon Army contacts the "Digidestined." Euryale gives the Red Card to the angelic Digimon, allowing them to create a vaccine against the D-Reaper's Digivolution reversion properties. Euryale spends the last week in a coma, undercover mercenary attempts to have her killed. Kylie briefly infected by Parasimon to infiltrate the group.
*First Week of September Kurata reveals himself & banishes the "Digidestined," not knowing that they have returned to his home world. In a battle that spills over into the physical world, Kurata purges nearly all of the Celestial Digimon & forces the Sovereign to retreat. After the disaster, Yamaki is fired & the "Digidestined's" families are told that there was a car accident. Kurata plans to have Yamaki, Riley, & Tally assassinated, but succeeds only in driving them underground.
*3 Days Later: "Digidestined" successfully return from exile, which Kurata quickly becomes aware of. GrapLeomon, Andromon, & Senthose Rasheverek are killed in battle & MaloMyotismon escapes. "Digidestined" meet King Drasil. Kurata wipes the memories of the new Tamers & tries to have their Digimon deleted. Sakuyamon & Ornismon gained.
*4 Days Later: Due to the intervention of Leomon, Tamers are able to restore their partners' memories. Fleeing Kurata, the Tamers are brought into Baihuman's Valley. "Digidestined" abandon King Drasil.
*5 Days Later: MetalSeadramon ambushes Tamers outside of Baihumon's Valley. "Digidestined" abducted by Etemon, whose Dark Network disables Digivolution for his enemies. Battle at the Concert Hall ensues.
PHASE 1: Etemon & his minions are defeated by the "Digidestined, while Voland is defeated by new Tamers. WarGreymon gained. Groups join.
PHASE 2: Half of the group stays behind to try to fortify the hall, now reclaimed by the Gekomon, & establish communications between Yamaki & the 2 groups. Calamon is sent to assist in the battle with the Light of Digivolution. King Drasil sends a few of his Royal Knights to assist. Lilithmon defeated, Concert Hall destroyed, "Digidestined" gain Dianamon & Varudomon, Gekomon gain trailer & ally with King Drasil.
Venusmon has surveillance equipment removed from D-Powers.
The next day: Contact with Yamaki established with Datamon's help. Group finds out that Kurata has taken their families hostage. He had not had time to inform them yet. Rescue mission into Hypnos planned & carried out, resulting in the destruction of Venusmon & the abandoning of her Sanctuary, but the successful rescue of the Digidestined families & the evacuation of them & Venusmon's followers to Baihumon's Fertile Valley. Ophanimon & Ophanimon Burst Mode obtained. Sakuyamon disappears into a violent space-time disturbance. The human families were then sent with IceLeomon & MadLeomon to the human world to flee the country, while Baihumon planned to send the Digidestined to negotiate with warring factions in the Dark Area, Southwest Sea, & Olympia, after dealing with MetalSeadramon.
BATTLE OF BAIHUMON'S SANCTUARY: MetalSeadramon & Leviamon had begun a campaign to destroy the pod of Whamon that served the Sanctuary. Baihumon & the Digidestined emerged from the sea to do battle with them & their forces, while Azulongmon & Zhuquaiomon destroyed the paths that Kurata was using to send him reinforcements. Leviamon was destroyed & then absorbed by MetalSeadramon to become GigaSeadramon. During the battle, Tsune & Gomamon Biomerged, but were quickly defeated, Euryale found herself unable to Biomerge with Agumon, Lyra & Kotemon Biomerged after a near-death experience, & GigaSeadramon was finally destroyed after the true Leviamon's data began to assert itself, but not before threatening to take over the world with the knowledge it gained from the humans, & cryptically stating that "the rest" would be up to Daemon & Belphemon. The Sanctuary survived, but sustained heavy damage & the pod of Whamon serving it was destroyed. The "Digi Destined" split into 3 groups.
Next day (Last Week of September):
Southwest Sea:
Chaos Area:
October 1: That morning, the Tamers learned from Malkuth that Kurata had tracked them to the village of beginnings, & was planning to annihilate it. After receiving inside information from him, they planned to evacuate & organize their allies for a counterattack, but were ambushed by Kurata's forces, which had also surrounded the region.
SIEGE OF THE VILLAGE OF BEGINNINGS: PHASE 1: Kurata surrounded the village & set various traps for the Digidestined. The Digidestined decided to secure the river, in the hopes of using the data pockets to restore themselves, but Kurata had dammed most of it up. Malkuth killed by Netzach, Netzach defeated by Digidestined & died. DemiDevimon destroyed by Daemon, in turn defeated by Crusadermon Burst Mode. Tamers & Ceresmon joined by Bacchae, Ebonwumon, Azulongmon, Bancho & Saber Leomon, forcing D-Reaper Agents to retreat. MadLeomon confirmed converted, destroyed by Gatomon.

Gevurah imprisoned by Azulongmon, plans to interrogate him on how to capture D-Reaper Data. Sirenmon eventually returned. Contingent of Chessmon assigned to protect Tamers while the United Army destroyed the dam.
PHASE 2: Ambush, attempt to assassinate Tamers & Gevurah. Spearheaded by Ebonwumon's revived Deva. Gevurah & Saber Leomon killed, along with the Deva Trio. Ebonwumon, Azulongmon, & Zuquaiomon critically wounded.
October 2: King Drasil arrives to complete the Royal Knights & march into the human world. Amateur cognitive restructuring therapy used on Euryale. Lyra convinces King Drasil to subject Hitomi & Azuma to "Trial by Fire." He dumps them in a pit that traps sins, forcing them to relive their guilt & giving birth to Ogudamon, which attempts to devour them, but they Biomerge, destroy it, & break the seal to return. Thiera is sent home, but when King Drasil prepares to lead the charge to Kurata's stronghold, Hypnos reveals that they never retrieved her--Kurata chimes in to reveal that she's been captured, & demands an unconditional surrender. Euryale tricks him into thinking they were about to & questioning Thiera on King Drasil.
assault on fort kurata:
final battle:

In the aftermath, King Drasil transmitted a message explaining that he was lost in the space between worlds, but ordering his Knights not to follow. He would be entering hibernation to repair himself as he drifted to parts unknown. The Royal Knights had been preparing for this, & the Sovereign agreed to allow them to set up a fort in an uninhabited area of the Digital World (Zhuqaiomon was overruled).

After the Digimon returned to their world through the rift still left behind, the JSDF called a truce, Vanessa was arrested, & Yamaki's staff studied the anomaly, eventually being reinstated at Hypnos. The JSDF brought the Tamers to the nearest airport, where they were reunited with their families & returned home.

October 2, 2014: During the 1 year anniversary of Kurata's defeat, the Royal Knights inducted a battle-worn Agumon & Gabumon, who developed the ability to Warp DNA Digivolve into Omnimon. Meanwhile, Titamon emerged to try to destroy Sanctuary Venusmon, but was destroyed by the Olympiads.

The Digidestined, minus Hideki, met at Euryale's & Thiera's apartment, where Euryale gave them all albums commemorating their journey. They decided to tour the Digital World to see how it had changed. Along the way, they found Regulumon & Plutomon cleaning out "ghosts" of Sekhmet's data from the ruins of Myotismon Manor.

IceLeomon was negotiating between the Chessmon Empires, who waged seemingly endless conflict. Picking up Bastemon along the way, the Tamers finally met with BanchoLeomon, who was helping to rebuild the Celestial Realm, alongside the surviving angelic Digimon & the babies they were raising.

Having caught up with each other and the digital friends they made along the way, the Tamers returned home, though not for the last time.

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Countless Mookmon.
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Unfortunately, this likely won't be comprehensive, since I originally only planned to archive the Sirenmon songs. But I think I got most of them.

sirenmon songs:

other music:

bonus tracks:
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