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 Katekyo Hitman Reborn: The World, 10 Generations Later

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PostSubject: Katekyo Hitman Reborn: The World, 10 Generations Later   Katekyo Hitman Reborn: The World, 10 Generations Later EmptySun Dec 25, 2011 2:29 am

My most recent fanfic, for the series Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Basically hoping the OCs aren't too Mary-Suish and that the canons are still IC. I can post the second chapter up soon if this gets enough interest, but beyond that I'm not sure.

A constant barrage of noise from the latest and greatest in modern technology sounded all across the city of Mirinamo that one morning, the whooshing and zipping of hovercars blazing their way over fluorescent highways, streams of advertisements and news reports broadcasted by electronic displays, the blinking and buzzing of headphones and mobile phones (sometimes both out of the same accessory)… and if you were in a close enough vicinity to her, the sound of one girl frantically writing on her digital workbook as she ran towards the school gates.

Nami Araoka puffed and panted as she dashed across the front courtyard of Mirinamo High, writing and running at the same time due to a ton of homework she was still intent on finishing even at such a late hour, only stopping to catch her breath as she reached the stone steps that lead up to her school.
“Okay,” Nami gasped for air, tugging on her school hat out of an unusual habit she’d developed “just have to answer this last one and it’ll all be-” she began to say as she kept writing away with her stylus, only to hear a sudden voice from behind her, which seemed to be getting closer and closer.

“Yo, gangway!” a girl called out speeding straight in on a hoverboard that she looked clearly ill-suited to. She flailed her arms wildly around in the air in a desperate attempt to gain balance, which ultimately proved futile as she then crashed straight into Nami.

With a shriek both girls were knocked to the ground, the hoverboard girl at least having the advantage of the kneepads and helmet she wore, not to mention having Nami to land on. As the less fortunate girl, Nami struggled to move her face up off the ground, yet was only greeted by the sight of her electronic notepad in broken pieces in front of her.

“Haha, sorry about that!” the hoverboard girl said as she pushed herself upright. Nami turned her head and saw this person had bright red hair tied in twin braids, slightly tan skin and was wearing heaps of hoverboard gear along with her school uniform. “Hi there, name’s Kotone, I’m a first-year student here too! Oh, your notepad…” Kotone’s cheerful expression beginning to fade as she saw what a wreck she’d made of Nami’s homework.

Nami tugged her hat and stood up again, in great contrast to Kotone her hair was black and only came down to shoulder-length, though a large swathe of it covered her right eye, and she wore her school uniform in its intended fashion. Said school uniform (for the first years anyway) consisted of a black cap with two light blue chords attached to it, a black coat and skirt with a grey shirt, and long boots coming up to the mid-thigh region. Her face was also dotted with freckles, and had mostly dark eyes unlike Kotone’s beaming yellow ones. Nami’s only other notable feature was an ahoge, a random curl springing up from her otherwise straight hair.

Another area the two girls differed in - “Aah, no I’m, what I mean to say is, my notepad is, er, um… I really have to get to class, er, bye” Nami said with a nervous and somewhat intimidated expression as she hurriedly scooped up the remains of her workbook and scampered towards the main entrance - was personality.

“Wow, that really could’ve gone better” Kotone muttered seeing Nami run off and began to look downcast, but then quickly changed her tone back to normal with “I know, the moment class breaks I’m gonna find her and make it all up to her! Oh, but what could I possibly…” she began to ponder.


‘The moment class breaks’ wasn’t exactly lived up to, as it was now afternoon with classes all over for the day, with only club activities still keeping students anchored to the school. For Nami, not having to see that weird redhead girl who had all so quickly ran into her was a relief, though right now she had no time to relax as she was busy with her work for the Student Council, racing rapidly around the empty room she was in trying to complete a whole series of tasks assigned to her.

Keyword there being ‘trying’. Though she put in as much effort as she could something like a spider at the corner of the ceiling or a strange shadow appearing on the floor would always cause her to jump, typically scattering any papers or files she was holding and making her start whatever she was doing all over again. But at least she wasn’t where anyone could just come up to her and…

“Yo, Nami right?!” a worryingly familiar voice said, Nami jumping again as she noticed who was coming into this room. “Whew, spent all day trying to find you, didn’t see you anywhere around the normal lunch area so I had to ask all sorts of people where you were” Kotone kept on going.

“Oh, well I normally eat lunch in the Council room, so that would explain why I wasn’t outside. Erm, y-you were asking about me?” Nami responded, trying to not react too hastily yet at the same time slowly backing away from Kotone.

“Yeah, but just standard stuff like ‘Have you heard about this girl?’ or ‘Do y’know anyone who looks like such and such’” Kotone said, before walking forward and giving the room a good look-around and saying “Whoa, Student Council eh? Pretty cool! …Only, why do they have you working in this random storage room? *gasp* No, they couldn’t be trying to sift you out or something could they?”.

“What? Oh, well” Nami said softly “…I wouldn’t really to blame them if they were trying to, I’m the lowest-ranking member of the Council after all. I mean I try, I do want to be good, but my grades are just too low and they say I can be a real bother to people because… I sort of get startled too easily”.

“Oh Nami, you don’t,” Kotone started off, before pausing and saying “Yeah, I guess you kinda got all jumpy back there, but if you say things like that, then you’ll…” she tried to think of something further to say, something encouraging, but the words just didn’t come to her.

It was then from outside the room that a loud noise came, sounding like something being made by several people. Nami just shrank back into a corner of the room, but Kotone edged closer towards the door to try and see whatever could be making it.

That proved to be a bad idea, as despite not being on her hoverboard Kotone was almost knocked off balance when a third girl swiftly made her way into the room. She had boyishly short blue hair, was taller than Nami and just an inch over Kotone in height. Her uniform however signified that she was at least two grades higher than both girls, well from what parts of her uniform could be seen beneath the distinctive white lab coat she wore over herself; she was even wearing a pair of glasses for full effect.

“Mind if I barge in here for a bit, my is it difficult to conduct science club when you have a whole load of boys clamouring after you” said the third-grade student, suggestively fanning herself with her hand as she walked inside, her boots rubbing against each other. Her voice, while still possessing a feminine chime to it, was quite deep and husky for someone still in high school, as opposed to Nami’s shy and gentle tones or Kotone’s grating pitch.

“Oh, you mean, you’re the president of the science club. Wow, they say, er, they say you‘re-” Nami said as she slowly came out of her hiding spot, this being a person she recognised… if only from a few brief meetings she’d had with the Student Council President.

“Huh? You go on about ‘a whole load of boys’ like that’s a bad thing” Kotone interjected.

“Hmhm, you’re a rather perceptive little one aren’t you?” the science president said brushing off Kotone and leaning closer towards Nami, bending down to feel her ahoge. “So cute as well” she giggled.

Nami began blushing, having no idea how to react in such a scene. Fortunately she didn’t have to, as a quick *ahem* from Kotone managed to get the club president to turn around. “Well, I do suppose you have your own attractiveness too, though I wouldn’t say of the same kind…” she said in response to Kotone.

I don’t think that’s what she wanted to hear, thought Nami.

“Oh but where are my manners, I don’t believe I’ve introduced myself yet. Shiori Tsumura, Science Queen of Mirinamo, at one’s service” she said bowing before the two girls “Hrm, ‘Science Queen’, do you think that really fits, couldn’t something like ‘Science Contessa’, ‘Science Duchess’ or ‘Lady of Science’ work better? No, on second thoughts not ‘Duchess’, too reminiscent of a particularly unpleasant Alice in Wonderland character” Shiori continued.

“Okaaay, right then. Kotone Uetake, reporting for… something or other anyway” Kotone tried to go along with it.

“Nami Araoka” came the last reply, “Um, do you think the crowd outside would‘ve died down by now?”.

“Sure looks like it” Kotone called as she took a glance outside the door, “Hey, you realise it’s kinda getting pretty late out here, any of you wanna start heading home or stuff?”.

“Head home? Aw, I was hoping we could stay here just a while longer, you know to talk a little more, soak up the atmosphere a bit…” Shiori said as her hands began to wrap themselves around Nami’s sides again.

“Ah, ah, well we can still talk a bit on the way home” Nami stuttered as she tried to spring out of Shiori’s grasp “So, erm, where would you two happen to live?”

“Southwest District” Kotone said.

“Eastern Ward” Shiori replied.

Ergh… thought Nami “Well, the monorail I usually catch should be close by, maybe we could work our way out from there, ahah?” she continued nervously.

“Well why not, lead the way then young Nami” Shiori chimed back.

“Oh, but I’m faster. Look, this is my prized-” Kotone said as she began pulling out her whole hoverboard from out of her bag, but Shiori raised her voice in shock.

“Such an outdated model… and look at all the misaligned spheres and lighting damage and loose cords and-” the science club president kept going on as she swiped the board off Kotone and began fiddling around with all its internal and external mechanisms.

“Hey!” Kotone yelled out as she took the board back “It may be ‘outdated’ to you, but for me it’s been my oldest, closest, most inseparable companion-”

Even though you barely know how to ride it, the thought immediately came to Nami’s head.

“-So, so,” Kotone said as she was trying to think of a retort to Shiori, before she settled for just sticking her tongue out at her.

“Huh, the only time someone’s had their tongue out at me it’s been to-” Shiori started off.

“Ah” Nami came forward and grabbed the two girls’ sleeves “Let’s get going everybody!” she said.


The afternoon sun cast a warm orange glow across the rooftops of Mirinamo, the hi-tech metropolis was relatively quiet as high school students aimlessly made their way home all exhausted from club activities. Well, not completely quiet, one trio was still talking on a fair bit, or at least two of them were…

“What, so you’re saying you don’t even like hoverboarding now?” Kotone said back.

“The sport itself doesn’t personally interest me,” Shiori clarified “but I can always tell when any machine is in poor shape or being obviously mistreated”.

“M-mistreated?” Kotone exclaimed, but was cut off when Nami stepped in-between them, and her gaze softened.
“Oh sorry Nami. Ah I just remembered, ‘bought this for you earlier” Kotone said as she pulled out a purple-wrapped package “Erm, it’s a bit squished I guess, but basically it’s my way of trying to make up for kinda smashing your things before”.

Nami unwrapped the gift to find a rather smushed chocolate cake with the occasional pink heart decorations sprinkled over it. “Um, thanks Kotone” she said as she sat down on a nearby park bench, yet didn’t start to eat the cake till she first examined it more closely.

Shiori couldn’t help but giggle at the sight. “How cute,” she said, yet turned to eye a nearby stall “But if you’ll excuse me Kotone, I believe I can do better”.
She went over and, after a few exchanged words with the man behind the counter, came back with a three-layer mud cake dusted with sugar, sweets, chocolate sauce and even a little cartoon snowman on top. The scientist smiled seeing Nami holding the cake in her hands.

What? Since when did this become some sort of competition?! Why didn’t we just go straight home… Nami thought “Er, thank you Miss Shiori, but I really don’t think I could possibly eat all this-” she began.

“I could help feed it to you, if you’d like” Shiori whispered as she moved in closer. Nami could’ve flinched, Shiori did know she was already sixteen years old, right?

“Oh wow Shiori, that cake sure looks expensive, how much it did cost?” Kotone then said, her previous grudges against Shiori seemingly not showing up for now, though still timed exactly to distract the scientist from Nami.

“Barely a penny actually. The young man at the counter seemed to be quite eager to lower its original price, with a few words or so from moi anyway” Shiori replied. Hearing this explanation made Kotone’s face freeze over.

However, the conversation was brought to an abrupt end when a large explosion came from out of nowhere, sending the cake stall Shiori had just been to sky high, the frightened owner scurrying away as fast as he could. From out of the sky a red bolt of what looked like fire fell down and caused a second blast, causing all three girls to jump back.

“Kotone, Nami, are you both alright?” Shiori said as she tried to call out over the large amounts of smoke both explosions had made.

“I’m more than alright!” Kotone’s voice called back, and suddenly from out of the smoke she span around and cleared the area, already having pulled out her hoverboard and looking to strike back.

“Agh, Kotone, now isn’t exactly a good time for that sort of thing” Shiori shouted out, but Kotone’s determined expression didn‘t change one bit.

“No Shiori, whoever’s attacking us me and trusty board are going to put a stop to them!” Kotone said as she sped off towards the direction of the attacks, spinning again rapidly to knock anyone out, hopefully not getting in the path of any potential bystanders.

“Kotone, you…” Shiori began, only to groan angrily before running in and saying “Right, I see, but in that case,” from the folds of her lab coat she pulled one large liquid container with her right hand and three smaller vials with her left “I‘m not going to let you fight alone, I’m going in with you!”

Nami meanwhile could only quiver at the explosions that were coming at her, particular explosions that were all too familiar to her. Are these… those Flames? Like the strange lights eight years ago? Dark thoughts and memories echoed throughout her mind, she was now desperately clutching her school hat. But when she dared to open her eyes if just for a second she could see Kotone and Shiori charging in ready to fight off whoever these mysterious attackers were.

“Wait, no, please don’t! Please don’t go!” Nami burst out.

Breaking through with her hoverboard, Kotone charged straight into one of the attackers, who seemed to have no distinguishing features other than the dark suit he wore, and completely bowled him over. Shiori meanwhile had already tossed one of her four potions at an enemy, the resulting chemical blast luckily managing to take out two of them instead of just the one.

Yet when all seemed to be going well for the girls, an unwelcome reminder that this was still the same Kotone who’d accidentally crashed into Nami came up. The redhead was now fumbling and beginning to lose her balance not long after she’d taken down her second enemy, and to make things worse another bolt of flame was headed straight at her whilst she was trying to regain control.

“Erena!” it was Nami who called out. Why that name of all things Shiori and Kotone had no idea whatsoever, but Nami had now jumped right in front of Kotone and was hit directly by the resulting explosion in her place. She now lay as a scorched mess on the pavement, barely able to keep her eyes open for all the dust and burn marks that covered her. Fortunately, yet perhaps suspiciously as well, as soon as they’d seen Nami take the full force of the blast the attackers then vanished just as suddenly as they’d appeared.

“Nami! Nami! Oh my god are you alright? Speak to me!” “Nami, can you hear me? Are you still conscious?” Kotone and Shiori responded immediately, the former trying her hardest to shake her awake while the latter scanned her body to check the severity of the damage she’d received.

“It’s okay,” Nami said, though you could tell how badly she saw struggling to talk “I’m-” she coughed “I’m fine”.

“Kotone, help me pick her up” Shiori said “We have to get her home right away”.

“Roger that”.


When Nami was able to wake up again she could see that she was right outside the door to the apartment where she lived with her mother and father. A door that looked to be at a rather odd angle, till she blinked and realised she was being carried by Shiori from her feet and by Kotone from her elbows.

“Heheh, could you believe the elevator was out of order?” chuckled Kotone, trying to make light of the situation “Man Nami, it sure is a long way up to where you said your apartment was”.

As the two girls tried to help Nami stand up again she didn’t reply, her thoughts were still occupied on who could’ve attacked her friends and why, and if the powers they used were anything like…

“Thank you” Nami said at last as she reached forward to input her numbered code to her apartment, “But please, you don’t have to do so much for someone like me, someone who-”

The instant the door shot open Nami was immediately interrupted by another figure coming straight at her. “Nijuudaime!” it called out as it attached itself to her face. After struggling to get it off Nami held it out in front of her to see it was a young boy of no older than three, with silver hair tied back in a short ponytail, wearing a series of bandages beneath a blue jacket, having a series of belts covering his black trousers and a bright red crystal-like object below his neck.

“Oh wow, he looks cool!” Kotone piped in.

“…What in the world?” Shiori muttered.

“Ah Nijuudaime, you were so great back there. I know because I saw you, as you valiantly stepped forth to risk your own life for your subordinate. From that moment I knew you were truly made of Vongola Boss material!” the boy kept going on.

“Twentieth? Subordinate? Vongola Boss? W-what are you talking about? Where did you come from?!” Nami panicked.

“Oh, of course Nijuudaime! I’m Hayato Gokudera, right-hand man of the… oh wait. Er, I’m the Neo Arcobaleno of Storm. We’ve already delivered the letter explaining things along with the Rings and your weapons to your room, but basically you’re next-in-line to be Head of the Vongola Famiglia, and they’ve chosen me to be your home tutor” Gokudera told her.

“Famiglia? Wait a minute, you’re here to tutor me… to become a Mafia Boss?” she exclaimed, quickly placing Hayato down and dashing over to see what was now in her room.

“Nijuudaime…” Gokudera tried to call to her, but Nami was already too far off. So he instead turned around to inspect the two girls she had brought with her. He automatically glared at Kotone “You, how dare you make Nijuudaime place her life in danger like that! What if she had been blown to pieces or burnt to ashes?” he yelled at her.

“Huh, didn’t you just applaud Nami for taking that blow for me? And hey, I was the one trying to protect her in the first place!” Kotone shot back.

Gokudera simply grumbled, yet formed no real reply, instead turning over to look at Shiori. “And you, look at what you did to Uri!” he said as he pulled out a miniature cat from out of his belt, who was currently covered in a large bluish-white stain.

“What, I did that?” Shiori questioned “But how could your ‘cat’ ever have been hit by one of the potions I threw?”.

“Well it’s because I was there at the time,” Gokudera answered “After all, I’m the one who sent those people out to attack Nijuudaime in the first place, I even pitched in a few bombs myself. Eh heh, don’t worry, it was all part of the training program, Nijuudaime or anyone else never would’ve been in any real danger!” he tried feebly to reassure them.

“WHAT?!” both girls reacted.

“Then why were you going on before about how Nami could’ve been blown to ashes or whatever you said!” Kotone yelled back.

Again Gokudera hesitated, going through a series of erms, uhs and ‘Nijuudaime’s before Nami came back into the main room again, clutching the letter in her hands. Slowly, she began to read:

“Dear Araoka Nami, or should I say Vongola Ventesima,

This letter, outdated yet formal, has been written to inform you of your true heritage, as the chosen Twentieth Head of the Vongola Famiglia.

The Vongola are a vigilante society working within the world of the Mafia, our aim being to protect and aid the people where the law cannot. We are able to accomplish this through the use of our Dying Will, powerful Flame energy increased through our resolve and manifested through the Rings we carry.

Within the case sent along with this letter you should find seven of our most treasured Rings. The one with the image of Sky that emits an orange flame is reserved for you alone. As for the rest, they are to be handed out by you to the people you trust the most and would want to be with you through thick and thin. But on those lines, once you give each Ring to your select few do note that you will be forever involving them in whatever may come your way.

As I have received word that you have been brought up with no knowledge of the Vongola, I have sent one of our finest hitmen to tutor you in the ways of becoming a respectable Mafia Boss. I hope the two of you will be able to get along.

Buona Fortuna, or Ganbatte if you’d rather,

Your cousin Ieshige Sawada, Vongola Diciannovesimo

Nami slowly dropped the letter to show that she was now wearing a ring and carrying twin sword-hilts. Slowly the ring began to glow, and as it did bursts of orange fire began to shoot out from the sword-hilts, forming the blades with their Flames. Kotone stumbled and jumped backwards to avoid her foot getting singed in the process.

“This is what he was talking about, these ‘Dying Will Flames’? I may not have known of the Vongola, but I have seen these before. These are the exact same Flames that attacked me, my hometown and Erena eight years ago!” Nami said, her voice just as raging as her fire-composed swords.
“You two” she said again, directly addressing Kotone and Shiori “You knew about me all along, right? Are you Mafiose too, were you only ever being nice and doing all those things for me just because you knew I was this ‘Ventesima’ person?!” she spoke rather accusingly to the ones who’d brought her to safety only minutes before.

Her Flames soon died down, and Nami’s anger faded with them,, only to then be replaced with uncontrollable sobbing as she ran back into her room, carelessly dropping the sword-hilts behind her.
“Nami, Nami wait!” Kotone called as she ran after her, leaving Shiori behind to stare back down at Gokudera.

“I’m assuming the Vongola don’t just pick their successors out of thin air. You knew she’d react like this, am I correct ‘home tutor’?” the science club president scowled.

“Well, yes, our intelligence agents did give us a pretty extensive report on her” Gokudera began. “But I went ahead anyway, I just wanted to see… this is going to be hard to explain. Basically some person I’d rather not talk of once called the Tenth Generation of the Vongola the second coming of the First, and I can sort of see where he was coming from. Following this logic, I wanted to see if Nijuudaime really was like the…”

Shiori slowly began to smile “Who’s to say she still can’t be?”.
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Katekyo Hitman Reborn: The World, 10 Generations Later
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